Cleanliness – Is it Really Next to Godliness

Safe to Travel
Local Company Ghost Coast Distillery “Daisy Maze” Hand Sanitizer

Cleanliness – is it really next to Godliness?

Maybe, but is it enough in a pandemic world to make it safe to travel? Peruse our reviews and it will become evident that we have always put cleanliness on the pedestal it deserves. The reality is that even our stringent cleaning policy is not enough for the world of the present. We are changing the way we do business. You will always be greeted with a smile, but first, a bottle of Ghost Coast Distillery Hand Sanitizer stands sentry at our entry door.


It is apparent that one goal has remained unchanged at Azalea Inn & Villas: Our commitment to cleanliness and a safe environment for our staff and our guests. From the beginning of this COVID-19 journey we have followed the guidance of the CDC and enhanced our protocols to create an environment that is more than clean but always inviting and comfortable.

Our New Normal

We recognize the need to ease the minds of our travelers in the “new normal”. You want to go where you feel safe. We have explored the world of sanitation/disinfection and have added another layer of protection.  The well-being of our staff and the guests who appreciate Savannah are foremost in our minds. After multiple weeks of research, we have chosen a machine that will sanitize/disinfect our guest rooms. Using a CDC approved sanitation/disinfecting agent this apparatus sprays very tiny droplets in a fine mist allowing us to reach every nook and cranny. Every bed, mattress, bathroom, curtain, carpet, EVERYTHING in a room will be disinfected. In addition to our normal meticulous cleaning procedures this will provide an extra measure of assurance to you.

We Are Ready to Welcome You Back!

We are optimistic for our future and ready to welcome our guests home again to our beautiful property and the magic that is Savannah. BOOK today and save $50 on a three-night stay in any of our Villas or Suites. Reservation must occur between May 28 and August 28, 2020.