Last-Minute Christmas Gift Idea from Santa

Santa’s St. Pat’s Day Savannah Vacation

Santa’s Christmas Telegram

Here’s to Christmas and Spiked Eggnog! You won’t believe what happened today: We received an urgent telegram from Santa and as we tore open the envelope, we held our breath in anticipation and fear. Why would Santa be taking the time this close to his whirlwind trip around the world to send us a message? Were we on the naughty list? Was it possible our only present would be coal in our stockings? With trembling hands, we slowly opened the missive. The words leaped off the page: Santa’s Secret Getaway Plan! Santa was giving us a Last-Minute Christmas Gift Idea!

When Santa Wants to Stay

Mr. Claus wants to reserve a room at Azalea Inn & Villas for the BIG Savannah St. Patrick’s celebration, the 2nd biggest St. Pat’s celebration in the United States! OMG. We jumped on our website, Clicked “Book Now” and entered his chosen date of arrival and departure and…. WHAT? Doesn’t Santa know that every single year for the past 196 years Savannah has celebrated on March 17? Talk about tradition. Is he getting senile? He wants to arrive on March 13, 202 and stay two days.

Oh well, we are not one to pass up the chance to have a Celebrity of this Magnitude stay with us even if he doesn’t know when St. Patrick’s Day is. It turns out that Santa knew something we didn’t. The City of Savannah has turned the Festival on its head! The ever popular and oh-so-well-known Festival will be held the weekend BEFORE! There will still be the anticipated Parade on March 17, however. No problem here. We will give him what he wants!

Santa Likes to Travel with Friends

We did wonder why Santa was booking NOW during his busiest season and all. So, we placed a quick call to Mrs. Claus. She disclosed that they were given advance notice of the change (obviously, we hadn’t known). Mr. Claus was worried about getting the room he wanted if he waited any longer. Mrs. Claus also let us know they were bringing some guests so they would prefer one of the Villas for themselves. We asked how many elves would be traveling with them. Can you imagine our surprise when Mrs. Claus laughed heartily and said, “My dear, we are traveling with two leprechauns. It is after all a celebration of Irish significance.” We couldn’t help ourselves we had to ask about his elves. Apparently, they will be in Hawaii on an undisclosed island soaking up the sun.

We finished the reservation and hung up with glee. We had barely finished dancing round our tree in joy when the phone rang again. Mrs. Claus asked us to create a special package for anyone still searching for that wonderous last-minute Christmas gift which would make Mr. Claus’s trip around the world much less stressful. As requested we stayed late at the workshop and created a “Last-Minute Christmas Gift Idea” for you!

Last-Minute Christmas Gift Idea Bonus

Don’t procrastinate: BOOK NOW for a St. Patrick’s Day vacation and enter the Code “Santa”. On February 1, 2020 every Santa guest will be entered into a drawing. The winner will receive the entire stay free (apart from taxes both state and local). This exceptional offer is available through January 31, 202. Remember: Enter the Code “Santa”.