Enjoy a Special Thanksgiving Dinner at Azalea Inn and Villas

Who’s ready for Thanksgiving Day? We are! The Azalea Inn has been sharing Thanksgiving Day dinner with our guests, family, and staff, for 14 years. For our 15th year on Thursday, November 28th, 2019, we invite you to join us!  We will have a five-course dinner, which combines traditional favorites with our chef Noel’s Minnesotan background to create a menu that offers a lot of flexibility with wine pairings! Each of the five courses is available with wine parings chosen by our wine sommelier, Laurie Garner. Yes, we said FIVE. Five courses that you didn’t have to prepare. Five courses that you didn’t have to cook. And yes, five courses that you don’t have to clean up after! What are you waiting for? Over the next two weeks, we will share each course in no particular order, along with the perfectly paired wine or wines (there were a few moments when we could not make up our minds…we may have taste-tested a little too much wine) ! Here’s our tip to you: Make your Thanksgiving Day reservation between October 21st to October 28th and enjoy two Thanksgiving dinners for the price of one! Enter code “T42” in the comment section of your reservation when you book your reservation with us directly! If you would like the wine pairing add-on, please let us know in the comment section as well! November 28 is just around the corner, so please make sure to book your stay with us on our website today!