Restaurant Week – It’ll Cure the Wintertime Blues

Beating the Post-Holiday Blues (and the Shutdown) Savannah Style

Surviving the euphoria of the holidays followed so closely by the government shutdown is a challenge but we have you in mind as we share some of our favorite ways to get over the doldrums of Winter.

3.      Be kind to yourself! Many of us might experience dips in mood, motivation, and energy. Getting back on track takes a few weeks, so take it easy as you transition back to a normal routine. Avoid lofty expectations, schedule fun outings to look forward to, and don’t forget to unplug!

2.    Pull out that old high school compass, plant the point right on your humble home and draw that perfect circle – make it small – maybe 150 miles. Smack in the middle of that beautiful rich zone of possibilities that you have created is one escapade calling out to you. Budgeting does not have to mean skimping.

1.    Indulge! But in smaller portions. New Year’s resolutions do not have to devolve into disappointment! The perfect Small Indulgence is found here – in my home town – Savannah. A Foodie Paradise is at your fingertips if you would only give us a call. We will send the two of you to one of our favorite restaurants, Noble Fare, Vic’s on the River or A.Lure, for a 3-course sampling of some Spirit Lifting cuisine.

BOOK DIRECT with us any three nights between January 25 and February 5, mention Restaurant Week, and we buy your dinner, anything you crave, from their Restaurant Week special menu.

Don’t delay. Call today. 912-236-6080. Or go online at Dinner for Two during Restaurant Week mentioning Restaurant Week in the comment section.