Ghosts and Gravestones in Savannah

Do you love history? Are you interested in the supernatural? If you answered yes to EITHER of those questions, the Ghosts and Gravestones trolley tour is for you! From haunted homes to graveyards, guests can expect to learn the spooky and real history of Savannah. A few of the notable places the trolley passes are: The Pirate’s House, Colonial Park Cemetery, The Andrew Low House, and the Perkins and Sons Ship Chandlery. The tour also offers EXCLUSIVE entry into The Andrew Low House and Perkins and Sons Ship Chandlery!

My Experience

    Aboard the Trolley!
The Andrew Low House

Upon boarding the Trolley of the Doomed, you’ll meet your ghost host for the evening, along with a separate driver. The host is in charge of pointing out and describing each place of interest that the trolley passes. When I last took the tour, my ghost host was Cecil Graves. With a last name like Graves, I fully expected to be spooked out while on this tour- and I was! Cecil told us a little bit about herself while we waited for the tour to start. Originally from a family of psychics in Boston, Cecil decided to  move to America’s most haunted city for some inspiration!

Once the trolley started to move, a mother snapped her head back at her two sons and exclaimed, “Do NOT scare me while on this tour!” Little did she know that her sons weren’t the ones to be afraid of on this tour. Cecil described the haunted history behind each place as we passed by them. Eventually, we arrived at our first stop: The Andrew Low House. Since we were a larger group, the caretaker of The Andrew Low House, Sweet Sadie, took a half of the group to explore the ground floor of the house. I went with Cecil’s group to explore the second floor. Photography was allowed as long as flash wasn’t on, so soon, everyone in the group was taking pictures in hopes of capturing something spooky in their photos!


While I didn’t capture anything in my photos, I did hear something creepy!  A few guests and I heard what sounded like a penny being dropped on the wooden floor behind us, but no one was there! Upon further investigation, we found that there wasn’t any loose change anywhere on the floor. Once both groups were finished exploring the home, we all boarded the trolley, eager to hear more spooky stories from Cecil. Near the end of the tour, the trolley made its second stop : The Perkins and Sons Ship Chandlery. It is here that you get to truly EXPERIENCE a ghost story. What do I mean by that? You’ll have have to go on the tour to find out!