Tybee Island: A Beach Comber’s Guide

Located just about 25 minutes from Savannah’s historic district, Tybee Island is THE place to explore if you enjoy beach combing, beautiful views and fun in the sun! You can expect to find many wonderful treasures along this barrier island’s sandy shore. A dolphin or two might even be seen hopping along the waves as you walk Tybee Island’s three-mile-long beach!


The best time to go shell-hunting at Tybee is during low-tide. Dozens of small pools form along Tybee Island’s South Beach as the ocean water recedes. When the tide is at its lowest, little critters and seashells can be found stuck in tide pools! Depending on the time of year, one could expect to find hermit crabs, sea urchins, various fish, horseshoe crabs, starfish, sand dollars, and tons of wonderful seashells left behind at low tide. Larger whelk shells can be found during high tide due to the water rising and uncovering the hidden treasures!

 If you aren’t an ocean tide expert, (not many of us are) it is easy to go online and find a tide chart for Tybee Island. Tide charts list the times that the tide will be at its lowest and highest points during the day. The treasures discovered on Tybee Island’s beach make great keepsakes to display or bring home to a loved one. Who ever said that gifts had to be bought at a store? Seashells make extra special presents, considering you took the time to find them yourself! When you return to Azalea Inn to relax after a fun day of beach combing at Tybee Island, please feel free to show us what you have found!