Savannah And The Hurricane

Savannah is still cleaning up after Hurricane Matthew struck our coast less than two weeks ago.  Massive oaks and pine trees down across the city tell us just how strong Matthew was.  Savannah has weathered many hurricanes since its founding in 1733.  It’s astounding that many structures from the 1700’s and 1800’s still stand.   Here are Savannah’s oldest historic buildings that have stood the test of time and hurricanes.


Scarbrough House   Built in 1819, the Scarbrough House it is nationally significant as an early example of Greek Revival architecture.  The house was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1973.  It is now home to the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum.


Juliet Gordon Low House   The Juliet Gordon Low house was built in 1818-1820 for Savannah mayor James Moore Wayne. In 1831, Wayne sold the home to his niece, Sarah Stiles, and her husband, William Washington Gordon. Gordon was grandfather of Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts.  Low was born in the home in 1960 and the home has served as the National Headquarters for the Girl Scouts since 1953.


Oliver Sturges House   The Oliver Sturges home was built for Oliver Sturges in 1813.  The late Georgian style townhouse features an elliptical fanlight over the entrance, and an arched window over the portico. An octagon shaped room was added to the rear of the building before 1819, and a third story was added about 1835. It is currently occupied by Morris Multimedia.


Spencer Woodbridge House   Built in 1791 on Warren Square, the Spencer Woodbridge House is one of the oldest homes still a residence in Savannah.


Pink House   This Georgian mansion was built in 1771 for James Habersham Jr The building is a fine example of colonial architecture, and one of the few buildings to survive the fire of 1796.  The Pink House is now on of Savannah’s most popular restaurants.


Pirates House   A seaman’s inn and tavern established in 1753, the Pirate’s House is Savannah’s oldest structure.   The Inn became a rendezvous of blood-thirsty pirates and sailors from the Seven Seas.  The Pirate’s House is now a restaurant that preserves the days of wooden ships and iron men.


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