Room Feature: Forsyth Place, One of the Best B&B Rooms in Savannah

BestB&BRoominSavannah_ForsythPlaceForsyth Place is a room for the adventurous to revel in. It’s a corner room with 5 windows streaming sunlight through the treetops. Pictures won’t do justice to the warmth and glow emanating from THIS favorite room at Azalea Inn & Gardens.

There’s so much sunlight and warmth in this place!

You’ll notice that 3 of your 5 windows comprise a bay window. Your luxurious queen sized bed nestles so nicely right into those bay windows, and perhaps you may agree that the ultimate sign of your victorious relaxation can be had in just one moment. In that one moment you choose, above all else, to nap soundly with the sun shining warmly on your softly shut eyes.

Your eyes feel like they’re smiling…

After your nap, you’re ready. You’re confident. The regal mahogany headboard is complemented by the golden beige coverlet adorned with elegant paisley stitching. Come to think of it, when you stay in Forsyth Place at Azalea Inn & Gardens, you feel regal and elegant too. You just can’t help it.

You’ll sit up in bed, propped up by the luxurious pillows. You’ll look out at your room and breathe a sigh of relief. When’s the last time you have remembered to feel this good? Hey, you can reserve Forsyth Place NOW if you want to!

Yes, A simple room really can make you feel so good…

Finally, you have arrived (and maybe you’ll congratulate yourself on making the CORRECT vacation choice). Your eyes scan the room.

To the left you see a gas fireplace with a stately wrought iron cover. That fireplace is surrounded by a milky pastel aqua-green textured tile. To the right you see your bathroom and its floor-to-ceiling waltz-out window. You can open it all the way up to step outside to your balcony where you lazily watch the intersection of Huntingdon and Lincoln Streets. There’s not much traffic though, so you can hear the faint sounds of the city wafting upwards but those sounds don’t disturb you. Nothing can disturb you.

You’re ready for adventure, now!

After a long lazy afternoon on your balcony you stroll back in to find a leaf-shaped pottery dish on the dresser and 3 monkeys above the mantle reminding you to enjoy your wild side as well as the sunshine. A compilation of Rudyard Kipling’s masterpieces is tucked into the bottom of your bedside table. We’d bet he’d choose this room too. You would both enjoy that same newfound regal wildness, and the elegance you’ve chosen to enjoy with Forsyth Place.

  Azalea Inn and Gardens, a Savannah GA bed and breakfast inn, invites you to reserve your room today and begin enjoying Savannah from the vantage point of Forsyth Place, one of the best B&B rooms in the city.