A Room Called Chinaberry Balcony

chinaberry-sidegal6Be still my heart. A room called Chinaberry Balcony with a fireplace AND a balcony AND a jetted air tub in historic Savannah, GA exists. This bed and breakfast room is a reminder of renewal as these nights are getting longer, albeit a little bit colder.

In the holiday season of hectic merrymaking, it’s easy to forget to take care of ourselves. I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the good that can come of planning a winter vacation in Savannah to take care of yourself, and maybe your loved one too!

Winter is a time for hibernation, and a time for rest. It can also be a time to plan for your next great thing. Winter travel isn’t traditionally on your average person’s agenda but I’ll wager that it’s worth it. As a sidenote, Black History Month in Savannah is jam-packed with amazing activities! Winter travel is unexpected and this B&B room might just be the ticket for you to pave the way into the life that you want to live.

We all RESOLVE to make better as the new year approaches. Most New Years Resolutions come with a promise to grow. And, what better thing to teach us about growth than plants? Staying in Savannah, in the one and only Chinaberry Balcony room at Azalea Inn & Gardens is the start of what can be your most wonderful winter journey.

The name of our B&B is attached with a floral meaning. AZALEA blooms represent the sentiment to “take care of yourself, for me”. When we take care of ourselves, our friends and family will notice, and be enriched as we grow. Now, to grow.

You’ll notice that the color of the Inn is a sunshine-like yellow. Yellow is most welcoming color that we can imagine. The walls of Chinaberry Balcony are also painted with the golden hue that matches the vintage fireplace tiles. Yellow also happens to be the color of the most hospitable fruit – the pineapple. Pineapples are carved into our white picket fence indicating how welcome you can feel when you step into our Inn. We hope you’ll notice that little touch.

Chinaberry Balcony – An Elegant Bed and Breakfast Room in Savannah, GA

Maybe the first thing you’ll notice about your room (after you choose Chinaberry Balcony for your winter vacation) is the mirror above the fireplace, where you can see a reflection of the satisfaction you feel about your new home away from home, for awhile. You might even notice first that in Chinaberry Balcony, botanical prints hang above the King sized bed. Outside the window hang the boughs of the magnolia trees, with leaves that gleam in the morning sunlight, and evening sunsets. You will blossom inside this room. And benefit from the cool fresh air on the balcony equipped with comfortable seating for two.

You’ll walk around the Savannah Squares and peek inside Forsyth Park’s walled Fragrant Gardens. Roses are still blooming as I write these words, even in the waning days of December. Don’t let your spark wane. If you need a winter vacation, we’re here for you. Chinaberry Balcony is waiting to help you renew YOU.

Make your next great thing a vacation, a respite, a renewal – with Azalea Inn & Gardens, with Chinaberry Balcony.


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