5 Reasons You REALLY Should Visit Savannah During Black History Month

When you stay at our B&B in Savannah, we think of ourselves as your hosts, and that means we will direct you to the things and places that are REALLY worth it. Let me tell you 5 reasons why making a trip to Savannah for Black History Month is REALLY WORTH IT.  Technically Black History Month is celebrated in February, but we are running a Savannah vacation special in January AND February to celebrate the unique stage our city sets for you to come learn more about the history that is unique to the African American culture. We’ve got a lot of information for you here but don’t wait too long because to take advantage of our special, travel must be completed by the end of February.


#1 Reason to Visit Savannah during Black History Month: Day Clean Journeys

Day Clean Journeys is a company that presents 2 hour long tours from guides that don’t just tell you historical facts. They’ll ENLIGHTEN you about the living, breathing cultural history that is thriving within Savannah’s city limits. The Day Clean African American History Tour takes you through and around the historic district of Savannah for just $25 per person. You get 2 FREE tickets (a $50 value) with Azalea Inn & Gardens’ January/February special for Black History Month. Best of all, we’ll do all the tour booking for you.


#2 Reason to Visit Savannah during Black History Month: Jazz Greats

Did you know that some legendary jazz musicians have called Savannah home? Our favorite Savannah musicians are Ben Tucker and Huxsie Scott.

  • Ben Tucker is a driven musician and a legend of jazz in Savannah, GA whose career includes performances with a bevy of jazz greats including Sam Cooke, Herbie Mann and B.B. King. Originally from Nashville, Ben relocated to Savannah and bought the WSOK radio station in the 70’s. In the 80’s be bought and managed a club in the Savannah City Market called Hard Hearted Hannahs. Unfortunately the club isn’t around anymore but City Market is still a great place to grab a drink, hear some live music and appreciate Ben’s musical legacy!
  • Huxsie Scott, like Ben Tucker, rose to the top of the lowcountry jazz scene in the 70’s. They even performed together. Huxsie WAS born right in Savannah. She was the original vocalist for the Savannah Jazz Orchestra. Nowadays Huxsie is lending her vocal talents to the world of gospel music.


#3 Reason to Visit Savannah during Black History Month: Soul Food

Gourmands and locavores from around the world would be hard-pressed NOT to enjoy the local cuisine in Savannah, GA. Red rice, collards, and fried green tomatoes are among the soul food specialties offered. When you take advantage of our B&B special in January and February you get a Secret Map pointing you in all the right directions.


#4 Reason to Visit Savannah during Black History Month: Savannah’s People

From our alluring lowcountry city full of charm, Savannah boasts a Who’s Who of African American culture. Among the notables are Associate Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, folk artist/barber Ulysses Davis and civil rights leader W.W. Law.

  • Clarence Thomas grew up in a Gullah Geechee community southeast of Savannah’s city limits called Pin Point. Last year we explored the Gullah Geechee town of Pin Point which lies along the Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor designated by the Alliance of National Heritage Areas. He has grown up and made our city proud as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.
  • Ulysses Davis (1914-1990) made his living as a barber. His barbershop is one of the secret locations on the map we give you as a part of our Black History Month B&B Special. When business was slow at the barbershop, Ulysses made wood sculptures of 41 US Presidents, from George Washington to George H.W. Bush – the last president Ulysses saw in his lifetime. Now, that’s using your time wisely!
  • W.W. Law was a civil rights leader from Savannah. He was a leading figure in the desegregation movement who used nonviolent resistance to bring great progress to the city. It was Mr. Law who established many of the historic buildings that we recommend in our next reason to visit Savannah in January or February to celebrate Black History Month.


#5 Reason to Visit Savannah during Black History Month: Activities

There are a flurry of activities going on in our hometown, Savannah, GA in January and February in preparation for Black History Month.

  • The Savannah Black Heritage Festival is in its 23rd year and if you are wondering what to do in Savannah in February you will not be disappointed by this FREE festival chock full with cultural exhibitions ranging from art to music, to literature and dance. We can give you the inside scoop when you get to our Inn!
  • Also, visit the Savannah Civil Rights Museum (properly called the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum) or learn more about the McIntosh County Shouters who keep continue the Gullah Geechee folk tradition of ring-shouting alive. We’d love to introduce you to more of the fascinating Gullah Geechee culture.
  • Visit the King Tisdell Cottage Museum to see the folk art of Ulysses Davis. Davis wanted his sculptures kept together so his son Milton arranged for that to happen. The works, along with other artifacts from the museum, are housed in the Beach Institute – an historic building. The Beach Institute was once home to a famous program that advocated for educational mentoring programs for underprivileged negro boys.


There you have it. Savannah Black History is teeming and abounding with the guides, meals, legends and activities that make ME happy I live here. I want YOU to visit and take advantage of all that our city has to offer. 2 days won’t be enough to do everything, but our Black History Month Special at Azalea Inn & Gardens during January and February is designed to entice you to our city to have at least one of these experiences. Also, if you get sick of the snow, it’s still really nice weather here in the South.


Azalea Inn and Gardens, a Savannah GA bed and breakfast inn, invites you to reserve your room today and begin enjoying the best experiences in our city, which Travel + Leisure Magazine acclaimed as a “World’s Best City.”