Savannah Inn Gives Back at Arlington National Cemetery

At Columbarium – Arlington National Cemetery

Every year this Savannah Inn gives back to our nation’s military heroes with participation in PLANET’s Renewal and Remembrance at Arlington National Cemetery (ANC). This year, the mission at ANC is to lime 155 of acres of turf, aerate 36 acres of turf, provide tree protection and arborist services, install perennials, update two irrigation systems, and continue the Children’s Program. It seems daunting when you realize that nearly 68 TONS of lime will be spread. Can you begin to imagine the coordination it takes to arrange delivery of the lime to different areas of ANC, the equipment required to spread lime and the numbers of people on each team to ensure that in the 8 hours we are granted access to the grounds that this will be accomplished? I am in absolute awe of the details the PLANET committee has put into this memorial project.

Jake and I are part of the irrigation team which makes sense when you realize that Jake is a territory sales manager for the world’s largest irrigation manufacturer in the world, Jain Irrigation. The Irrigation project has 5 teams at the Columbarium and three teams at the Receiving Vault. The Columbarium teams will install low-voltage irrigation control wire which in the long range will allow Columbarium #1 through #8 to be controlled by two ACC controllers that will link to a central computer allowing for central management of the system. They will also continue the upgrade of sprinkler heads around the Columbarium. There are multiple teams working at the Columbarium because all work must be coordinated so as to not interfere with (the 29) funeral schedules.

We are assigned to the Receiving Vault where Jake is the Captain in charge of installing drrip irrigation around the Rose Garden. We will arise early on Monday and join 400+ volunteers in prayer as we open our day to giving back to those who have given so much.

Azalea Inn and Gardens urges all retired and active duty military to take advantage of our 365-day a year special just for you! Call or book on-line and be sure to mention your duty status and branch of service. We are waiting for you.