Mom, I Will Love You Forever – A Tribute to Mom Contest

The boys my mother nutured - grandsons Joshua and Nathan

Mom, I will love you forever.” is the subject line in an email I received from my son once upon a time, and is part of the  inspiration for this Tribute to Mom contest.

Years ago, perhaps six, my youngest son, Joshua, sent me an email for Mother’s Day in which he shared with me a glimpse at his life as my son, and the influences I had in making him the man he had grown into, and his words, his loving words, still brings on smiles and tears together – he was all of 23.  He has since married and is the father of two decidedly beautiful girls. 

A few years after this, and before I had granddaughters, my oldest son, Nathan, asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day, or maybe it was my birthday??  No matter now, but what I wanted was a grandchild.  I don’t mind telling you that I was fairly relentless in my pursuit of being “Gram.”  As usual, he sighed as he told me no, they weren’t ready.  I reminded him that I didn’t raise such a wonderful man, a loving husband, to not leave an imprint in the world – he is the kind of person who should be a dad.  I think this was the time that he told me I can’t ask that question anymore because I made my poor little daughter-in-law uncomfortable.  

What did I get that year? – My second choice on my short list of two.  He began to write a story about growing up as my son, his poignant memories of the loss of his family when his dad and I divorced, the love my brothers and sisters showered on him and his brother, my mother, the first Gram, and her love and influence on all of us.  In the fourth grade he wrote an essay about the one person he would like to keep alive forever.  “She has brownish gray hair and a little bit of wrinkles on her face and hands.  She has happy green eyes and she is my Gram.”  There is more to the tale he wrote, a special tribute to one of the strongest women in his life;  I read this story at my mother’s funeral.

My mother and four of her daughters

Today, I share these stories with you because I challenge you to create a tribute to the mother in your life and share that tale with me.  You may share it on this blog, or send it to me privately at AzaleaInnSavannah@gmail.com.  On Mother’s Day the staff at Azalea Inn and Gardens will pick one special story to share with its readers and the writer will win a 2-night stay at our inn complete with all the “fixins”, wine and hors d’oeuvres, gourmet breakfast, nightly home-baked dessert and the loving company of our ambassador, Joey the Yorkie! 

This giveaway ends at midnight on May 6, 2011. (May not be combined with any other specials, packages, or deals; taxes are the responsibility of the winner.)