Thanksgiving Dinner at Azalea Inn and Gardens B&B

Thanksgiving Dinner in Savannah 2010

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner at Azalea Inn and Gardens Bed and Breakfast in Savannah GA this year was a blessing with the return of old friends (John and Regina, John and Stella) and the welcoming of new ones (David and Peg, Thomas and Barbara).  Though this year’s group was the smallest of the six we have enjoyed in the past, the smaller size allowed Jake and I to relax and enjoy the meal with our guests in a way that felt more like a family dinner.   The conversations throughout the evening were diverse, free-flowing and wonderful, laughter rang abundantly throughout the night.  For 2010, we were delighted to include wine pairing as part of the menu as a surprise for our dinner companions and I do believe it was a hit!

It has been a wonderful year and we are grateful for its bounty. We are thankful to the staff, Kimberly and Kolin, who worked extra hard and long to prepare all the food we enjoyed and to Catherine for volunteering to work on Thanksgiving making serving and cleanup easier.  We are thankful to our guests for daring to break tradition and share dinner with strangers – though certainly strangers no more.  We are thankful for another year of prosperity.  We are thankful to have a future to look forward to – perhaps next year you will be amongst our new friends, or returning as one of our old friends.

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