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RESOLVE: Don’t Forget About Valentine’s Day

January 29, 2013 by Teresa Jacobson

happy_valentines_dayDon’t let those resolutions get you down. We’re halfway through the most healthy month of the year and you’ll do just fine as long as you don’t forget about Valentine’s Day. That’s right. Don’t you dare forget about Valentine’s Day. You can start drinking again, skip the gym or do whatever you’ve sworn off of in the New Year. Believe me you won’t mind as long as you set up the year right with your sweetheart at our B&B in Savannah.

I know, I know. Valentine’s is a commercial holiday that doesn’t really mean anything. Those couples you see on Valentine’s Day are just faking it for the sake of the holiday. Or ARE THEY?

Test the theory. Become one of those couples this Valentine’s Day. Here’s how.

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Beating the Post-VDay Blues in Savannah

February 16, 2011 by

The day of love has come and gone and you find yourself in a funk.  SNAP OUT OF IT!  Don’t you know Savannah is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States?!  The greatest thing about our gorgeous city is you don’t need money to enjoy it.  There are over 20 squares filled with greenery, fountains, monuments, and more.

The weather is perfect.  Grab your honey’s hand and just take a stroll: it won’t cost a thing and the memories you make will be priceless as well!