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The Savannah Speed Classic in October

October 2nd, 2013 by Teresa Jacobson


Rev your engines of excitement, the Savannah Speed Classic is coming to town Friday, October 25 - Sunday, October 27.

Every day from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM the auxiliary adrenaline is yours for the taking, if you want it.

All you need is to take the first step.


We’ve got all the details for you so that when you visit Savannah and stay with us during the Savannah Speed Classic, you’ll be ready to just soak in all the excitement from the event and revel in all of the greatness of downtown historic Savannah.


What IS Savannah Speed Classic?

The 2013 Savannah Speed Classic is a 3 day car-racing event across the river from Savannah’s renowned historic district during the last weekend of October (10/25-10/27) with opening ceremonies at Ellis Square on Thursday, October 24. The event is organized by Historic Sportscar Racing, Ltd. (HSR).

For us, travel is an opportunity to experience life in a whole new way.  Our imaginations run wild thinking about that car race as a way to celebrate the beauty of the automobile and the intrigue of humanity’s adventuring spirit. Can we go? We’ll go faster. Can we drive? We’ll drive better. Can we win? We’ll win smarter. These are the thoughts that will be running through our minds at the race track during the last weekend of October


How to Get to the Savannah Speed Classic

The Savannah Speed Classic will wave its checkered flags for you on Hutchinson Island the last week of October. Hutchinson Island is a little oasis North of Savannah, accessible by your vehicle via the beautiful white Tallmudge Bridge -OR- a ferry boat ride.

We like to get on the ferry across from City Hall because, well, City Hall is easy to spot. It’s that big gold leaf dome-topped building (YES, it’s real gold!) at the intersection of Bull and Bay streets. Isn’t it nice to have easy landmarks when you’re in unfamiliar territory? And a source that gets you all the pertinent information? Like this, the Savannah_Belles_Schedule for the ferry, if you want it.


Planning Your Trip

First, Call us at (912) 236-6080 to reserve your room.

Next, you can buy tickets for the Savannah Speed Classic here.

Are you military? We think it’s pretty cool that active duty military get 50% discount to the 2013 Savannah Speed Classic. Especially because of OUR  commitment to the military.


Still Need Some Convincing to Treat Yourself to a Vacation in Savannah?

October is part of a beautiful season to visit Savannah, as the weather is warm but not hot and cool but not cold. The coolest thing is, a bed and breakfast has that flair separating your accommodation from all other options.

Think about it.


Azalea Inn and Gardens, a Savannah GA bed and breakfast inn, invites you to reserve a room today to begin enjoying the best holiday experiences in our city, which Travel + Leisure Magazine acclaimed as a “World’s Best City.”

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Select Registry ‘Vacation of a Lifetime’ Winners Chose to Vacation at Azalea Inn & Gardens in Savannah

June 14th, 2013 by Teresa Jacobson

Vacation of a Lifetime

(L-R) Teresa (Azalea Inn & Gardens Innkeeper), Janet Hankammer, Warren Hankammer

Last weekend was that time when Select Registry ‘Vacation of a Lifetime’ winners chose to vacation at Azalea Inn & Gardens in Savannah.

The winners, Janet and Warren Hankammer from Bedford, TX entered a contest with a prize of one free night’s lodging at each of the nearly 350 best country inns, B&B’s and boutique small hotels that are in the Select Registry™ family for a full year.

Are you a little jealous? Us too…We settled for feeling happy to host our lucky guests, and hope that a little of their luck will rub off on us.

What is Select Registry?

Azalea Inn & Gardens joined Select Registry – their tagline, I think, says it all…

Different Styles, Different Places, All Select…

Select Registry carries out randomized quality assurance testing . Like B&B secret shoppers, someone with years of experience in the hospitality industry stays with us, unannounced and unidentified. They get the same experience that all our guests get – and rate us accordingly.

There are over 20,000 bed and breakfast inns in the US, all offering an experience far superior, and much more intimate than a large hotel. Yet, out of those 20,000 properties – only 350 or so qualify as Select Registry Inns. Now that’s the cream of the crop!

Vacation of A Lifetime Winners Chose to Vacation at Azalea Inn & Gardens in Savannah!

Out of ALL the 350 Select Registry properties, the Hankammer’s chose Azalea. AND, out of all the cities and destinations in the country, the Hankammer’s chose Savannah as one of their stops.

They also chose to vacation in the California wine country (our Innkeeper, Teresa, approves, as she knows where to find all the good red wine in Savannah after living in CA wine country for a bit) and visiting Amelia Island – which is a lovely trip  just about a 2 hour drive south of Savannah).

Look how excited they are when talking about visiting!

Appreciating the Winners, and All Our Guests…

Janet and Warren are such a lovely couple – and appreciating them today reminds us of the reason that we give the best of our ideas and our experiences to make YOUR next vacation of a lifetime INCREDIBLE.

Like everyone, sometimes we need inspiration – and in those moments we flip through the handwritten B&B reviews handwritten in the guestbook that always sits in the entryway to Azalea Inn, and we also look at the wonderful world of online B&B reviews.

While you might not be hitting up each of the 350 Select Registry properties, maybe you can make plans today to experience the charm, the beauty and the allure of Savannah, Georgia…

 Azalea Inn and Gardens, a Savannah GA bed and breakfast inn, invites you to reserve your room today and begin enjoying the best experiences in our city, which Travel + Leisure Magazine acclaimed as a “World’s Best City.”

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Do You Need Accommodations for Savannah Film Festival in 2013?

June 7th, 2013 by Teresa Jacobson

sff_LogoDo you need accommodations for the Savannah Film Festival in 2013? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

The staff at Azalea Inn & Gardens is already getting excited for the Savannah Film Festival presented by the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). It is scheduled to take place October 27 – November 3, 2013.

Movies and Films in Savannah

What you might know about movies and Savannah is that awesome movies like Forrest Gump (featuring Tom Hanks), Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (featuring John Cusack), and Something to Talk About (featuring Julia Roberts) were filmed right here in our beautiful city. Hold up, wait! Over 75 movies were filmed in our city! Would you believe that!

When you visit Savannah you can take tours specifically geared toward educating you about the locations and the specifics of these big-screen masterpieces. Let us know when you reserve your room and we’ll give you all the details!

Visit Savannah During the Savannah Film Festival for a Movie-Themed Vacation!

During the Savannah Film Festival, our city is crawling with movie stars. Over 40,000 people attend the Festival every year, and I hope you are one of them. Aspiring filmmakers and accomplished movie-makers alike gather together for competition film screenings, special screenings, workshops, panels, and lectures.

For the movie-lovers out there, this is a perfect event for you! Take a movie holiday by planning your next vacation in Savannah during the Savannah Film Fest October 27 – November 3, 2013.

 Azalea Inn and Gardens, a Savannah GA bed and breakfast inn, invites you to reserve your room today for the 2013 Savannah Film Fest to and begin enjoying all that Savannah has to offer.

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