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5 Reasons You REALLY Should Visit Savannah During Black History Month

November 28, 2012 by Teresa Jacobson

When you stay at our B&B in Savannah, we think of ourselves as your hosts, and that means we will direct you to the things and places that are REALLY worth it. Let me tell you 5 reasons why making a trip to Savannah for Black History Month is REALLY WORTH IT.  Technically Black History Month is celebrated in February, but we are running a Savannah vacation special in January AND February to celebrate the unique stage our city sets for you to come learn more about the history that is unique to the African American culture. We’ve got a lot of information for you here but don’t wait too long because to take advantage of our special, travel must be completed by the end of February.

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Southern Nights show at Savannah Theatre in Savannah, GA

July 31, 2011 by

Savannah Theatre Show Venue

Foot tapping entertainment at Savannah Theatre with Southern Nights

Kolin and I recently made our first trip to the Savannah Theatre in Savannah, GA to see Southern Nights: The Country Review. Though billed as the one of the oldest theaters in America, I do have to admit the Art Deco appearance of the theater suggests that it was built far after 1818; however, due to several fires much remodeling has taken place throughout the centuries.  Nevertheless, the grandeur of old Hollywood greets you as you enter the lobby. A sweeping spiral staircase up to the balcony level is lined with poster sized portraits of some of the actors that have visited the stage. The popcorn and snacks still fill the air with that familiar comfortable scent. After getting a few sodas and a popcorn, we headed into the theater. I have to admit, I was ready for some cheesy, far-out renditions of twangy country classics that I had never heard of….

To my surprise, the show started with a salute to our freedom and pride for our troops with some great upbeat country patriotic songs. Then we transitioned into fun country rock from yesterday and today’s charts. The voices were phenomenal. The entire cast actually was no less than extremely professional and energetic. There were costume changes, jokes, and even a segment with audience involvement.  My personal favorite was when the entire cast and talented band came to the front of the stage and casually sat around and just did acoustic versions of some great songs from the Dixie Chicks, Brad Paisley, Miranda Lambert, and the Zack Brown band.  I was completely taken by surprise by the amount of real talent and vigor these actors and musicians mustered up every night. The shows at the Savannah Theater are not only worth the visit, I highly recommend one be a highlight of anyone’s trip. Today’s vibrant cast puts on several shows each week and each night boasts energetic singing and acting out of each member.

(The Historic Savannah Theatre in Savannah, GA is America’s oldest continuously operating theater. It opened in 1818 and has since hosted a myriad of wonderful shows and performers. Some notable actors to grace the early stage were W.C. Fields, Julia Marlowe, Otis Skinner, and Henry Irving.)

Azalea Inn and Gardens Bed and Breakfast in Savannah, GA’s historic district is a short walk from the Savannah Theatre.

Azalea Inn Picks the Best Pizza in Savannah

April 7, 2011 by

Where would you go for the Best Pizza in Savannah?  You know, I’ve never been a huge fan of pizza.  As a kid, when everyone else claimed their favorite food to be pizza, I talked of my love for…broccoli.  I know.  I’m a weirdo.

But Vinnie Van Go Go’s has made me a believer.  Located conveniently in the heart of City Market, Vinnie’s is one of my favorite restaurants in all of Savannah.  Whenever Kolin and I have visitors, we make it a point to let them experience the best pizza in town.  If you couple this with some great beers on tap and the best people watching vantage points from the sidewalk tables… well you have a Saturday night made for socializing.

Are you drooling?

I always order the white pizza with pepperoni and banana peppers.  Kol prefers the pesto pizza.  Teresa (the “boss”) prefers lots of fresh veggies (spinach, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes) and can do without the meat, while Jake (Mr. Boss) likes his loaded with spicy Italian sausage garlic and extra cheese.  But you honestly can’t go wrong, whatever you decide.  Oh, before I forget, they also make delish Calzone stuffed with ricotta  and mozzarella cheeses, garlic, and herbs, served with a side of marinara sauce. 

While the food is great, one of my favorite things about Vinnie’s is getting to see them prepare the pies.  I sit in awe as they spin the dough; I could watch it for hours!  Of course, there is a small side of me that wants to see the pie fall, flat, on the spinner’s upturn face.  

Whether you order a whole pie or snag a single slice (which is so big you can share it with a friend), head to City Market, or have it delivered; just make sure to add Vinnie Van Go Go’s to your itinerary!

Live Wire Music Hall presents Cowboy Mouth March 31, 2011

March 31, 2011 by Teresa Jacobson

“The term “Cowboy Mouth” has been used in the poetry of Shakespeare and Bob Dylan as well as a play by Patti Smith and Sam Shepard.  Usually meaning one with a loud and raucous voice, it describes the band well. With over 2000 concerts under their belt and many years of reviews lauding their live show, there is still one quote which best captures their show…..
‘…on a bad night they’ll tear the roof off the joint and on a good night, they’ll save your soul.’ ‘” for more information and to secure tickets.

Savannah Music Festival

March 24, 2011 by Teresa Jacobson

First Friday Fireworks on the River

March 4, 2011 by Teresa Jacobson

Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia

February 23, 2011 by

Extraordinarily beautiful; no more words necessary.

Savannah Soul Food Showdown Event

February 18, 2011 by Teresa Jacobson

Well FED Magazine and Black History Month seek out best Soul Food Restaurant in Savannah

Seeking Best Soul Food Restaurant in Savannah

Did you hear about the Soul Food Showdown in honor of Black History Month?  I can’t believed I just learned about a FOOD event only days before it winds up.  Well FED Magazine is the sponsor and the event is easy to join.  Simply eat at one of the following locations, then vote for your favorite restaurant, either in person (at your fav spot), via email ( or on Facebook.  Cast your vote and you might be the recipient of a gift certificate to the winning restaurant. 

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Humorist Roy Blount, Jr hosted by Savannah Inn for Book Festival February 17-19, 2011

February 16, 2011 by Teresa Jacobson

Roy Blount Jr at Azalea Inn and GardensWe are excited to announce that Roy Blount, Jr. and his wife, painter Joan Griswold, will be guests of this Savannah Inn during the Savannah Book Festival.  Blunt new book tells the story and making of the Marx Brothers film “Duck Soup”, examining “…the comedic genius of Harpo and Groucho Marx with the insight of a true fan, while also exploring the film’s politic undercurrents.”  He draws parallels to today’s politics, including links to George W. Bush and projectiles, Margaret Dumont and moms, Groucho and Karl, Jews and Irishmen. 

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Live Wire Music Hall presents Lotus, Feb 16, 2011

February 16, 2011 by Teresa Jacobson

A true underground phenomenon, Lotus has built an army of fans worldwide with their show stopping performances and the international success of their three albums (Nomad, Germination, Strength of Weak Ties). for more information and to secure tickets.