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Where’s the tofu! The Best Vegetarian Meals In Savannah

April 12, 2016 by Teresa Jacobson

Yes, barbeque is the southern classic but Savannah’s emerging restaurant scene offers even the most discerning vegetarian delicious options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Here are a few options of the best vegetarian and vegan in Savannah.


Vegetarian Breakfast –

Sentient Bean

Sentient Bean Breakfast Burrito

Collins Quarter
Smashed Avocado – artisan bakery toast with feta, heirloom tomatoes, micro herbs, and shaved radishes topped with a poached egg.
Vegan option / Oatmeal Served with a cherry poached fig, dates and prunes topped with dried apricot and roasted hazelnuts drizzled with honey.

Goose Feathers
Eggetarian – two poached eggs with cheddar, pesto, tomoato and hollandaise on croissant
In addition to endless fresh pastries, they have organic yogurt and homemade granola.

Sentient Bean
Several vegan baked goods. Vegan Breakfast Burrito – tofu scramble, spinach, black beans, secret spicy sauce.

Vegetarian Lunch –


Zunzi’s Falafel

Kayak Kafe
Tofu & Vegetable quesadilla – seared tofu, roasted eggplant, squash, zucchini, mushrooms & peppers with wilted spinach & melted mozzarella.  Can be made vegan.

Known to have the best sandwiches in Savannah, the vegetarian options are just as delicious.  Try the Portobello sandwich or the falafel.

Starland Café
Green Goat Sandwich – whipped herb-goat cheese, green apple, caramelized onion and honey.

Butterhead Greens Café
Quinoa Salad – Quinoa tossed with tomatoes, red onion, lemon juice, olive oil & fresh parsley
Build your own sandwich with a house made vegan veggie patty and tons of fresh options.

Vegetarian Dinner –



Smoked eggplant, garlic and tomato app
Market Vegetable Kebab with Ados Pulao Rice and sautée vegetables. The rice made with lentils, currants, almonds, and clarified butter.

Noodle Bowl
Shabu Shabu (Hot Pot) offers vegan and vegetarian diners a great option for a flavorful, custom meal.

There are a few chef’s in town that don’t maintain vegetarian items on their menu, but are very happy to make vegetarian and vegan meals with their fresh ingredients.  Don’t let the menu’s at Alligator Soul or Cotton and Rye keep you away.

And for a vegetarian breakfast, lunch, or dinner, go to B. Matthew’s Eatery.

Breakfast – Veggie Scramble.

Lunch – Black Eyed Pea Cake sandwich, Fried Green Tomato and Pimento Cheese Sandwich, or Wild Mushroom Ravioli.

Dinner – Squash Spaghetti – squash noodles, shiitake, white beans, mustard greens, cherry heirloom tomato, tossed in ancho creamed corn or Brown Rice Penne – brussels sprouts, fennel, anasazi beans, tomato, sesame-thai basil pesto.

Azalea Inn and Villas, a Savannah GA bed and breakfast inn, invites you to reserve a room today to begin enjoying the best experiences in our city, which Travel + Leisure Magazine acclaimed as a “World’s Best City.”

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Top 5 Places To Run In Savannah

October 22, 2015 by Teresa Jacobson

Savannah’s Rock and Roll Marathon is right around the corner and people are running everywhere.  To help our guests get ready, we wanted to share with you our top 5 places to run in Savannah.

Forsyth Park – Less than 2 blocks from Azalea Inn, Forsyth is our #1 choice for stretching your legs.  Smack in the middle of Savannah’s Historic Districts, you won’t find a more beautiful place to soak in Savannah while you get your run in.  The 1 mile path around the park is under the shade of massive oak trees and takes you past Forsyth Parks iconic fountain and endless beautiful historic architecture.

Daffin Park
– Daffiin Park is located at the most southern end of Savannah’s Historic Districts on Victory Drive.  The park has 80 acres of fields, ponds, playgrounds, a dog park and Grayson Baseball Stadium.  There is a 1.5 mile paved trail around the entire park so you don’t miss a thing.

Lake Mayer
– 10 minutes from downtown Savannah is Lake Mayer Community Park on the edge of Historic Sandfly.  There is a 1.5 mile paved jogging trail and fitness course that wraps around the beautiful 35 acre lake.  Hit Sandfly after a run for great food and shopping.

McQueen Island Rails to Trails
– Take HWY 80 13 miles from downtown Savanna to the entrance of Fort Pulaski.  Park right outside the gate and lace up.  Enjoy 6 miles of trail along the Savannah River to the end of McQueen Island.

River Stree
t and the Stairs down to it – The stretch of River Street with shops, restaurants, and monuments is just under 1 mile and has a beautiful view of the Savannah River and Hutchinson Island on the other side.  Where you can make up for any lack of distance on your run is to tackle one of the staircases that leads you down to the river a few times.  It’s an adventure for some, you have to be careful, but they never disappoint the thighs.

Azalea Inn and Gardens, a Savannah GA bed and breakfast inn, invites you to reserve a room today to begin enjoying the best experiences in our city, which Travel + Leisure Magazine acclaimed as a “World’s Best City.”

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The Holiday Season in Savannah at Azalea Inn

October 9, 2015 by Teresa Jacobson

The holiday season in Savannah is upon us and brings the perfect reason for you to visit Savannah.  Shopping, relaxation, and fun!

Get a jump on your holiday shopping on Broughton Street.  In addition to national bands like Anthropology, Urban Outfitter, and Ann Taylor Loft, you’ll find some of Savannah’s most unique stores and boutiques.

Paris Market – Unique antique and vintage home décor.

Savannah Bee Company – Savannah’s own destination for specialty honeys, naturally luxurious body care, and other honeybee inspired gifts.

The Salt Table – The Salt Table features free tasting samples of hundreds of different salts, seasonings, sugars, teas, dips, blends, Amish popcorn, and even local honey.

You deserve a break.

Take a vacation for the holidays and let Azalea Inn take care of all the details.  Thanksgiving at the Inn always feels like home.  Enjoy a gourmet Thanksgiving dinner around our table with friends from around the world.  The menu for this year is coming together but you’ll see from last year’s menu that our Chef isn’t kidding.  And you don’t have to clean up.

Three Cheese Artichoke Dip, Stuffed Endive, Assorted Fruits, Cheeses and Crackers
Wine:  Prosecco

Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup
Wine: Santa Marina Pinot Noir

Spinach Pecan wilted Salad with Goat Cheese and a Sweet & Spicy Vinaigrette
Wine: Kung Fu Girl Bone Dry Riesling

Prime Rib with Rosemary Demi-Glace & Fried Shallots, Horseradish Mashed Yukon Gold Potato, Lemon Garlic Grilled Asparagus, Ginger Glazed Baby Carrots
Wine: Cantena Malbec

Peppermint Cheesecake

Azalea Inn & Villas Dining

Azalea Inn & Villas Dining

Many of Savannah’s premier events take place around the holidays.

11/8 – Rascal Flats Free concert in Forsyth Park – The Rock N’ Roll Marathon brings great music to Savannah!

11/9 – 11/15 – The Savannah Food & Wine Festival – The festival celebrates wine and culinary excellence in Savannah with wine dinners, tasting events, festival and more.

11/13 – 11/15 – 21st Annual Telfair Art Festival – This beloved outdoor event in the heart of historic Savannah features 85 national and local artists set up around Telfair Square.

12/4 – 12/5 – Christmas On The River – Celebrate the Christmas season on River Street with fireworks, shopping & The Christmas Light Parade to City Market.


Azalea Inn and Gardens, a Savannah GA bed and breakfast inn, invites you to reserve a room today to begin enjoying the best experiences in our city, which Travel + Leisure Magazine acclaimed as a “World’s Best City.”

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Savannah’s Top 5 Haunted Places And Their Stories

August 31, 2015 by Teresa Jacobson

Savannah has been called the most haunted city in America many times.   There are centuries of southern drama embedded in the architecture and burial grounds of the Historic District.  The stories behind the haunting’s are as intriguing as the events.  Here are Savannah’s top 5 haunted places and their stories.


1. Wright Square and the ghost of Alice Ryley.  Alice Ryley was a young Irish immigrant who worked as an indentured servant for a cruel aristocrat named William Wise.  On March 16, 1734, Alice, tired of Mr. Wise’s abuse, murdered him with the help of her lover.  A pregnant Alice Ryley was sentenced to death by hanging in the gallows of Wright Square, but not until after her baby was born.   Just days after her son was born, Alice became the first woman in Georgia to be executed as she wailed for her new born child.  Alice’s ghost has been seen many times wondering Wright Square and has been heard crying for her baby.

Wright Square - photo by Visit Historic Savannah

Wright Square – photo by Visit Historic Savannah

2. The Kehoe House on Columbia Square. While most associate haunting with tragedy and violence, the haunting at The Kehoe House seems to be more curious and friendly.  The house was completed in 1892 when Mr. and Mrs. Kehoe and their ten children moved into their new home.   Having changed hands a few times since, the house has been a boarding house, funeral parlor, and held for a time by football star, Joe Namath.  In 1992 the house opened as a bed and breakfast and reviews from guests have regularly reported encounters since.  Children in the hallways, a gentleman in the original study, laughing children where there are none, and guests objects being oddly placed.

The Kehoe House

The Kehoe House

3. The Marshall House was built and opened in 1851 as a hotel in Savannah’s premier shopping district of Brought Street. From 1865-1865 the hotel was occupied by General Sherman’s Union army and used as a hospital.  Again in 1876 the hotel was used as a hospital during a yellow fever epidemic that killed over 1,000 people.  The death in the building is blamed for frequent strange sightings and occurrences.  Guests report figures that appear and disappear, running down hallways with no person in sight, and in particular, water faucets turning themselves on.

The Marshall House

The Marshall House

4. The Old Pink House. Now one of Savannah’s most popular restaurants, The Pink House was built in 1771 by James Habersham Jr.  Mr Habersham is rumored to have hung himself in the basement of the building in 1799 distraught over his wife’s death.  The building has been occupied by the Union Army, served as a bank, and eventually a tea room opened in the 1930’s.  The restaurant has been open for over 50 years.  Servers and patrons alike have experienced and seen strange things.  A manly figure thought to be Mr. Habersham is seen in the winter months typically on quiet Sunday afternoons.  Candles that are blown out are known to re-light.  A woman sobbing has been heard on the second floor, many women have complained of someone holding the basement bathroom door so they couldn’t exit, and wine bottle frequently move in the basement tavern.  A security camera captured what many think is a ghost in 2011.


The Pink House

The Pink House

5. 432 Abercorn Street on Calhoun Square. This is more of an UNSTORY with a creepy ending.  Built in 1868 for General Benjamin J. Wilson, the house at 432 Abercorn has been a favorite stop for ghost tours in Savannah for years.   Once one of the most grand homes of the city, the property now sits empty and dilapidated in the middle of the historic district.  Stories of neglected children that died, murdered families, and disappearing persons are among the tales that ghost tours will tell.  While none of those stories are true, the only historically relevant fact is that the area of Calhoun Square was a slave burial ground.  What can’t be denied is the intensely ill feeling that many people have described that comes over them when venture around the property.  Frequently electronics such as phones and cameras won’t work when near the house.  In other words, bad juju around 432 Abercorn.

432 Abercorn Street

432 Abercorn Street


Azalea Inn and Gardens, a Savannah GA bed and breakfast inn, invites you to reserve a room today to begin enjoying the best experiences in our city, which Travel + Leisure Magazine acclaimed as a “World’s Best City.”

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Explore Savannah’s Coastal Heritage and Wildlife

July 30, 2015 by Teresa Jacobson

Savannah’s rich history and natural beauty expands deep into the Intracoastal Waterway of the coastline.  For centuries, the rivers and salt marshes have been a way of life for the diverse cultures that call Savannah home.  The Moonriver District encompasses six institutions where you can explore salt marshes, forest trails, Colonial and pre-Civil War history, a contemporary marine center, a historic Gullah Geechee oystering community, a 275 year old farm and school, an un-spoiled barrier island and a centuries old riverside village.  You can explore Savannah’s coastal heritage and wildlife only 20 minutes from Downtown Savannah.

Wormsloe Plantation Historic Site

Wormsloe Plantation Historic Site

1.       Wormsloe Plantation Historic Site

A breathtaking avenue sheltered by live oaks and Spanish moss leads to the tabby ruins of Wormsloe Plantation, the colonial estate of Noble Jones (1702-1775).  Visitors can interact with costumed interpreters, visit the Wormsloe Museum, and stroll interpretive nature trails participating in period programs.

Ford Museum at Bethesda

Ford Museum at Bethesda

2.       The Ford Museum at Bethesda Academy

Explore the deep and diverse history of Bethesda Academy and its significant part of our nation’s history.  The Ford Museum features a look into Georgia’s earliest history and the life lived at Bethesda, founded in 1740.

Pin Point Heritage Museum

Pin Point Heritage Museum

3.       Pin Point Heritage Museum

For nearly one hundred years, Pin Point was an isolated and self-sustained Gullah/Geechee enclave founded by first-generation freedmen.   Pin Point Heritage Museum celebrates the life and history of the culture so deeply connected to the water on the banks of the Moon River.

Skidaway Island State Park

Skidaway Island State Park

4.       Skidaway Island State Park

Experience Savannah’s lowcountry wildlife in the park that borders Skidaway narrows, a part of Georgia’s Intracoastal Waterway.  Trails wind through maritime forest and past salt marsh, leading to boardwalks and an observation tower.  Visitors can explore on their own or take advantage of one of the many programs offered such as hiking with a ranger or bird watching.   The staff at the park’s interpretive center will help guide you find the stunning wildlife of the Georgia coast.

University of Georgia Aquarium

University of Georgia Aquarium

5.       University of Georgia Marine Center Aquarium

The UGA Aquarium features 16 exhibit tanks that showcase a variety of Georgia’s marine life.  Most species are caught by aquarium staff right off the coast.  A public Touch Tank allows visitors to get up close and personal with some of Georgia’s marine invertebrates such as snails and crabs.

Ossabaw Island

Ossabaw Island

6.       Ossabaw Island

Ossabaw Island is the third largest barrier island off the coast of Georgia with 26,000 acres of maritime forest, tidal wetlands and wide beaches on the Atlantic Ocean.  An unspoiled place set aside by the State of Georgia as a heritage preserve for natural, scientific, and cultural study.  The Ossabaw Island Foundation offers programs such as walking with loggerhead sea turtles, archeological digs, and historic cultural practices like indigo dying.  Access to the island is by reservation only.  Visit the Ossabaw Island website for more information.

Azalea Inn and Gardens, a Savannah GA bed and breakfast inn, invites you to reserve a room today to begin enjoying the best experiences in our city, which Travel + Leisure Magazine acclaimed as a “World’s Best City.”

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Savannah’s Fall Festival’s

July 17, 2015 by Teresa Jacobson

Fall festivals in Savannah offer something for everyone.   Savannah Voice Festival, Savannah Jazz Festival, Savannah Film Festival, Savannah Food & Wine Festival. Make your reservations now at Azalea Inn & Villas for Fall!

Fall brings festivals, fun and gorgeous weather to Savannah.  Make reservations and get tickets now for one of these Savannah events.  The only problem is choosing which of Savannah’s fall festival’s!

August 2 – 16      Summer wraps up with the Savannah VOICE Festival – The Savannah VOICE festival takes the city by storm with great classical singing of opera, music theater and song.

August 7 – 8     Dog Days of Summer Festival on River Street – Dogs bring your leash and your owner for all out dog fun on River Street.  Doggy vendors, activities, and a parade just for our furry friends.


Dog Days of Summer on River Street

Dog Days of Summer on River Street

September 4 – 5     Bacon Festival on River Street – Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like.  Local restaurants will be set up along the river with their best bacon dishes.

September 12      Revival Fest – A fall festival celebrating the best in Southern music, local and regional foods, crafts, beer and spirits.

Revival Fest

Revival Fest

September 20 – 26      Savannah Jazz Festival – Produced by the Coastal Jazz Association, the Savannah Jazz Festival is FREE and open to the public in Forsyth Park just steps away from Azalea Inn & Villas.

October 3 – 4      Octoberfest on River Street – Enjoy a bit of Germany Savannah style with German beers, food, music, and of course the Weiner Dog Races.

Savannah Jazz Festival

Savannah Jazz Festival

October 24 – 31      Savannah Film Festival – The Savannah College of Art and Design presents the annual festival, filled with cinematic creativity from both award-winning professionals and emerging student filmmakers. Each year more than 40,000 people attend the eight day Savannah Film Festival. The festival is host to a wide variety of competition film screenings, special screenings, workshops, panels, and lectures.

November 6 – 7      Hopped Up on Georgia Brews Festival on River Street – An incredible tasting event featuring over 20 breweries from Georgia.

Savannah Film Festival

Savannah Film Festival

November 9 – 15      Savannah Food & Wine Festival – Celebrating wine and culinary excellence in Savannah with wine dinners, tasting events, a festival and more.

November 14 – 15      Telfair Art Fair – Held in the heart of the historic district in Telfair Square, this open air art fair features over 80 chosen artists from around the country displaying and selling works in various artistic disciplines.

Savannah Food & Wine Festival

Savannah Food & Wine Festival

Azalea Inn and Gardens, a Savannah GA bed and breakfast inn, invites you to reserve a room today to begin enjoying the best experiences in our city, which Travel + Leisure Magazine acclaimed as a “World’s Best City.”

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Enter To Win A Two Night Stay At Azalea Inn & Villas

June 30, 2015 by Teresa Jacobson

The Azalea Inn & Villas is celebrating Savannah visitors who are counting their steps to stay fit.  Walk Savannah to the Azalea Inn & Villas and enter to win a two night stay at the Inn.


Bring your fitness tracker to the Azalea Inn.

The Historic District of downtown Savannah, Georgia is undoubtedly the main attraction of the most beautiful city in the South.  Visitors come from all over the world to walk down cobblestone streets, along the river, and across Savannah’s iconic squares under a canopy of oaks and Spanish moss.  People are walking everywhere and many of them are counting their steps with fitness trackers.  The Azalea Inn & Villas is inspired by those who are committed to getting fit by counting their steps and is offering the chance to win a grand prize of a two night stay at the Inn.

Stop by the Azalea Inn & Villas with your fitness tracker while you’re in town and you’ll be entered into the ‘Walk Savannah to the Azalea Inn’ drawing for the grand prize of a two night stay at the beautiful Azalea Inn & Villas in 2016. 

There is also a $100 prize for the visitor that takes the ‘Most Steps’ in a day.  Stop by the Azalea Inn to enter the drawing at the end of the day, between 5pm – 6pm, and show the steps on your tracker for that day.  The visitor that enters the drawing with the ‘Most Steps’, wins a $100 gift card good towards a future stay.

How you can enter ‘Walk Savannah to the Azalea Inn’ :

  • Walk Savannah to the Azalea Inn‘ begins July 1, 2015 at 8am EST and ends December 31, 2015 at 6pm EST.
  • You must live at least 100 miles from Savannah’s Historic Districts.
  • One entry per person.
  • Stop by the Azalea Inn & Villas at 217 E Huntington Street any day between 8am & 6pm with your fitness tracker.  The front desk will take your information for the drawing.
  • To enter the ‘Most Steps’ contest, stop by to register between 5pm – 6pm and show the front desk your steps from that day. The visitor at the end of the year with the most steps wins the $100 Gift Card!  One entry per person.
  • Tag #AzaleaWalkSav on social media! Snap a picture of yourself with your fitness tracker at the Inn and tag the photo #AzaleaWalkSav on Instagram or Twitter or tag the Azalea Inn and Gardens page on Facebook. Continue to take pictures as you walk throughout Savannah using #AzaleaWalkSav and you will be entered to win a two night stay at the Azalea Inn & Villas in 2016.
  • One (1) winner will receive an Azalea Inn and Villas Voucher for a 2-night stay in a deluxe queen room during the months of January and February, 2016 (minimum night restrictions may apply on some weekends).
  • The winner will be notified January 1, 2016. Happy New Year!!

Have a wonderful time walking our beautiful city of Savannah while staying fit and tagging #AzaleaWalkSav.  We look forward to seeing where you go.  Your next visit to Savannah could be on us!

Azalea Inn front entry and sign

Enter To Win A Two Night Stay At Azalea Inn & Villas


Sponsor is Dreams Inn Motion, Inc. dba Azalea Inn and Villas, 217 E. Huntingdon Street, Savannah, GA 31401 (“Sponsor”).

The #AzaleaWalkSav Contest (“Contest”) begins July 1, 2015 and ends December 31, 2015 at 6:00 pm US Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). All entries must be received by December 31, 2015 at 6:00 pm EDT. Information on how to enter and prizes is part of these official rules (“Official Rules”). By submitting an entry, each entrant agrees to the Official Rules and warrants that his or her entry complies with all requirements set out in the Official Rules.

The #AzaleaWalkSav Contest is open only to legal U.S. and Canadian Residents who live at least 100 miles from the Historic District of Savannah.

Employees of Dreams Inn Motion, Inc. and its member inns, officers, directors, advertising agencies, and their immediate families are not eligible to participate. Void in all areas not listed above and where prohibited by law. Federal, state, and local laws and regulations apply.

One (1) winner will receive an Azalea Inn and Villas Voucher for a 2-night stay in a deluxe queen room during the months of January and February, 2016 (minimum night restrictions may apply on some weekends).

To be eligible to win, each entrant must register at the inn AND submit a photograph of the Inn to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #AzaleaWalkSav.

Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify users, without notice, and for any reason.


Your entries must comply with the following requirements (the “Entry Requirements”):

When entering via Twitter or Instagram, you MUST include the hashtag #AzaleaWalkSav on Twitter and Instagram in the caption.

When entering via Facebook, you MUST ‘tag’ the Azalea Inn & Gardens page in the post.  You must ‘like’ the Azalea Inn & Gardens Facebook page to be able to ‘tag’.

Each entrant retains the copyright to his/her Photograph(s), but explicitly grants Sponsor, its licensees, affiliates and their designees (collectively, the “Authorized Parties”) an irrevocable, nonexclusive license for the duration of copyright to use each Photograph and Description for advertising, marketing, and promotional purposes, in any and all media now known or hereafter created, including but not limited to publication in blogs and websites, at Authorized Parties’ discretion, without additional consideration, notification, permission to entrant or any third party.

By participating, participants agree to release, discharge and hold harmless Dreams Inn Motion, Inc. and its partners, affiliates, subsidiaries, tour operators, agents and their employees, officers, directors, and representatives from any claims, losses, and damages arising out of their participation in this Contest or any Contest-related activities and the acceptance and use, misuse, or possession of any prize awarded hereunder. Entrants will not hold Dreams Inn Motion, Inc. responsible for any technical issues. Dreams Inn Motion, Inc. reserves the right to cancel or suspend the Contest at any time for any reason.

THIS CONTEST IS VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. Entrants agree that this Contest shall be subject to and governed by the laws of the State of Georgia and the forum for any dispute shall be in a court located in Chatham County, Georgia, or a federal court located in Georgia. To the extent permitted by law, the right to litigate, to seek injunctive relief or to make any other recourse to judicial or any other procedure in case of disputes or claims resulting from or on connection with this Contest are hereby excluded and any entrant expressly waives any and all such rights. Certain restrictions may apply.

Participants also agree (a) to be bound by these Official Rules; and (b) that the decisions of the Azalea Inn are final on all matters relating to the Contest. All federal, state and local taxes, fees and surcharges on prizes are the sole responsibility of the prize winner. In the event that the selected winner(s) of any prize are/is ineligible or refuses the prize, the prize will be forfeited and Sponsor, in its sole discretion, may choose whether to award the prize to another winner.

Winners will be notified by email. For the names of the winners, please submit an email request within 10 days after the contest ends to

Savannah’s 4th of July Celebration And Heat Escapes

June 24, 2015 by Teresa Jacobson

As Savannah gets ready for one of the biggest celebrations of the year, summer has landed with heat that reminds you that you are in the South.  Enjoy Savannah’s 4th of July Celebration and heat escapes.

Savannah 4th of July

Savannah celebrates 4th of July on the River














The 4th of July Celebration on River Street is a display of patriotism to rival any city in the US.  The party starts at 4pm with the fireworks beginning at 9pm.  Chairs and blankets are welcome so go down early to grab a good spot along with waterfront for the show.

The shade of the oaks that blanket the Historic District of Savannah give provide welcomed shade in the summer months. When you’re ready to for some air conditioning, Savannah’s museums are a great way to beat the heat exploring art, history, and Southern culture.

The Savannah History Museum is a great place to start.  Located in Tricentennial Park in the Savannah Visitors Center, the SHM allows you to walk through the city’s history from 1733 spanning the American Revolution and Civil War to today.

To submerge yourself in Savannah’s historic culture, visit one of the many house museums.

Owens Thomas House

Owens Thomas House

Owens Thomas House is considered by architectural historians to be one of the finest example of English Regency architecture in America.  Built 1816-1819.

The Davenport House strives to provide visitors with a true and vivid encounter with a unique Savanah story.  Built 1820.

Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace is filled with rich stories and experiences reflecting the arc of the life of Julliette Gordon Low and the remarkable worldwide Girl Scout movement she founded that changed the world. Built 1821.


Mercer Williams House

Mercer Williams House

Green-Meldrim House was home to General Sherman and used as headquarters when the Federal army occupied Savannah during the Civil War upon the invitation of Mr. Green.  Built early 1850’s.

Flannery O’Connor Childhood Home is a museum house dedicated to the work and life of the acclaimed novelist and shot story writer now widely considered one of the most important writers of the 20th century.

Mercer Williams House was made famous as the home of Jim Williams in the best-selling book and highly acclaimed movie, “Midnight In The Garden Of Good and Evil”.  The house is full of Mr. Williams private collection of 18th and 19th century furniture, art, and furnishings.   Built 1860

For art lovers…..

Telfair Academy Museum is a former mansion on Telfair Square with period rooms and houses nineteenth and twentieth century American and European art.  The collection is considered one of the most highly regarded in the Southeast US.

Jepson Center is across Telfair Square and is operated by the Telfair Museum.  Devoted to the art of today, the contemporary Jepson Center links Telfair’s future with its past.

Savannah College Museum of Modern Art is a premier contemporary art museum established to enrich the education of SCAD students introducing new exhibitions every academic quarter.


National Museum of the Mighty 8th Air Force

Mighty 8th Air Force

Ships of the Sea Museum is located in the William Scarborough mansion.  The mansion boasts a rich history as and architectural gem, the center of social life in old Savannah, Savannah’s first public school, and a boy’s orphanage.  Restored by the Historic Savannah Foundation, the museum features a wonderful collection of shop models, paintings, maritime antiques, and expansive gardens.

National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force chronicles the history of the 8th Air Force during World War II and after.

Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum chronicles the civil rights struggle of Georgia’s oldest African-American community from Slavery to the present.

Azalea Inn and Gardens, a Savannah GA bed and breakfast inn, invites you to reserve a room today to begin enjoying the best experiences in our city, which Travel + Leisure Magazine acclaimed as a “World’s Best City.”

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Azalea Inn’s Top Ten Restaurants in Savannah and Their Best Dish

April 29, 2015 by Teresa Jacobson

A great benefit of being a guest at The Azalea Inn & Gardens Bed and Breakfast is the expertise they have to make sure you have the perfect Savannah experience.  With a wide variety of wonderful restaurant options in Savannah, Azalea will tell you where to go AND what to eat.  Here are our Top Ten Restaurants in Savannah and our favorite choices at each!

  1. 45 Bistro – 123 East Broughton Street

    Best dishes:

    45 Bistro Rack of Lamb

    45 Bistro Rack of Lamb

  • Beef Carpaccio with Dijon mustard aioli, shaved Parmesan cheese, spinach chiffonade and crispy capers
  • Grilled Hearts of Romaine, garlic croutons, shaved Parmesan and Caesar dressing. Add grilled shrimp.
  • Roasted Ruby Beets, golden and ruby beets marinated in a champagne vinaigrette with Belgian endive, praline walnuts, Stilton cheese
  • Rack of Lamb, herb crusted and roasted, with whipped truffle Yukon Gold potatoes finished with port wine and rosemary demi-glace.
  • Escargot sautéed in herbed white wine butter with sun-dried tomatoes, slow roasted elephant garlic clove and grilled Asiago ciabatta.


Vic's on the River Crawfish Beignets

Vic’s on the River Crawfish Beignets

  1. Vic’s On The River – 26 East Bay Street
    Best dish:
  • Crawfish Beignets with Tabasco syrup
  1. Noble Fare – 321 Jefferson Street
    Best dish:
  • Ahi Tuna Tartar with avocado puree, pineapple pico, plantain chip, Ossetra caviar, curry oil
  1. The Grey – 109 Martin Luther King Boulevard
    Best dish:
  • Pork Shank with a “mess of greens” and cornbread


Local 11ten Mussels

Local 11ten Mussels

  1. Local 11 Ten –1110 Bull Street
    Best dishes:
  • Spicy Prince Edward Island mussels, house-made chorizo, tomato, cherry peppers, basil, garlic, white wine, grilled baguette
  • Open-faced rabbit ravioli, fire roasted tomato sauce, basil coulis, house-made ricotta
  1. Sapphire Grill – 110 West Congress Street
    Best dishes:
  • Benne Speckled Calamari & toasted coriander pesto with curried peanuts, lime sugar & soy glaze
  • Toasted garlic seared Muscovy duck breast & butternut squash confit with braised red chard, pain d’epice & toasted shallot
  • Toasted pepper seared tuna mignon & crispy golden rice with sauce ponzu, dried chili, pickled beets & scallion
A'lure Lamb Carppacio

A’lure Lamb Carppacio

  1. A’Lure – 309 West Congress Street
    Best dishes:
  • Lamb Carpaccio with cracked pepper scallion oil, basil, capers, savory Sweetgrass Diary blue cheese ice cream
  • Peas & Carrots pan seared sea scallops, sweet baby carrot risotto, shiitakes, ginger carrot reduction, sweet pea coulis
  • House Smoked Duck Breast ginger & garlic bbq, pickled mustard seed coleslaw, duck confit, brie and collard green egg roll
  1. Jazz’d Tapas Bar – 52 Barnard Street
    Best dishes:
  • Mussels Fra Diavolo – Season mussels steamed with white wine, simmered with grilled tomato sauce and finished with compound butter and toasted baguettes.
  • Coca-Cola Pork Ribs – Baby back ribs slow roasted with a Coca-Cola BBQ sauce and a fresh tortilla fennel slaw.
The Olde Pink House BLT Salad

The Olde Pink House BLT Salad

  1. The Pink House – 23 Abercorn Street
    Best dish:
  • BLT salad, fried green tomatoes & sweet bacon with black pepper thyme buttermild dressing
  1. Leoci’s Trattoria – 606 Abercorn Street
    Best Dishes:
  • Beet Salad with brick-oven roasted beets and Leoci’s pickled sweet baby beets accompanied by farmers blue cheese, drizzled with house-made champagne tarragon vinaigrette.
  • Brick oven-roasted mixed olives, a mix of Mediterranean olives


If a guest decides wants venture out of Historic District, this is where Azalea Inn will send you:

Ele Fine Fusion

Ele Fine Fusion

The Florence – The Starland District / 1 West Victory Drive
The latest from celebrity chef Hugh Acheson, The Florence is a neighborhood restaurant that highlights local and regional ingredients using Italian technique and background

Ele Fine Fusion – Wilmington Island / 7815 Highway 80 East
Unforgettable ambiance, unique cocktails, sushi bar & fine dining.

The Tybee Island Fish Camp – Tybee Island / 106 South Campbell Avenue
A cozy 1950’s cottage nestled under live oak and cedar trees with a regionally-focused seafood agenda, a full bar featuring heavily-domestic wine program, and specialty cocktails.

Sisters of the New South – Near Bonaventure Cemetery / 2605 Skidaway Road
Best Soul Food in Savannah!


And if you have something specific in mind…………………..

Best Seafood – You’re in Savannah, everybody asks, “Who has the best seafood?”  We always tell people that you can find great seafood all over Savannah.  All of the best restaurants have great seafood dishes.  We’d recommend seafood at all of our top restaurants.

Chocolat by Adam Turoni Blood Orange Truffle

Chocolat by Adam Turoni Blood Orange Truffle

Best Vegetarian – Kayak Café

Best Steak – 45 Bistro

Best Sweets – Leopold’s Ice Cream, Chocolat by Adam Turoni, Lulu’s Chocolate Bar

Best BBQ – Angels BBQ, Wiley’s Championship BBQ,

Best Casual & Experience – The Pirates House – Have the spring rolls!

Best Lunch Spots – Zunzi’s, Public Kitchen, B Matthews, Blowin’ Smoke, Papillote

Azalea Inn Breakfast

Azalea Inn Breakfast


Best Breakfast – The Azalea Inn & Gardens of course.  Nothing better in Savannah!


Azalea Inn and Gardens, a Savannah GA bed and breakfast inn, invites you to reserve a room today to begin enjoying the best experiences in our city, which Travel + Leisure Magazine acclaimed as a “World’s Best City.”

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Tour Hidden Gardens in the Historic District of Savannah

April 22, 2015 by Teresa Jacobson

This past weekend, The Garden Club of Savannah celebrated the 40th Anniversary of it’s Tour of Hidden Gardens.  Visitors were granted access to eight private gardens throughout the Historic District as well as the Massie Heritage Center Gardens.  The gardens ranged from expansive green space to small courtyards all brimming with beautiful native garden species and unique decor.   Just in case you missed it, we took pictures all along the way to share with you.

The Platt Garden – East Hall Street
The Platt Garden has generous private green space in the heart of Savannah’s Historic District.  A massive oak offers shade to the entire garden and reaches out over the sidewalk down Hall Street.
Click on the first photo to launch The Platt Garden slide show.

The Murse/Kern Garden – East Huntington Street
Cherokee Roses drap the gate at the entrance of the Murse/Kern garden.  Recent renovations to this garden include a beautiful fountain and built-in brick planters.  We found a mother robin nesting in a potted lemon tree.
Click on the first photo to launch The Murse/Kern Garden slide show.

The Mastrianni/Hester Garden – East Gaston Street
A sculpture bought by the homeowners while on vacation in Europe is the centerpiece of this small courtyard garden.  The art hangs above a mostly edible garden while colorful trumpet honeysuckle covers the wall of the garden.
Click on the first photo to launch The Mastrianni/Hester Garden slide show.

The Seabolt Garden – Abercorn Street
Another small courtyard garden built for lounging all year round.  A covered patio adorned with small statues and planters looks over a sitting area with a working fireplace and corner fountain.
Click on the first photo to launch The Seabolt Garden slide show.

Massie Heritage Center Gardens – East Gordon Street
The Massie Heritage Center is honored as Georgia’s oldest school in continuous operation.  The extensive grounds along Calhoun Square has a lovely courtyard surrounded by a brick wall draped in green vines.
Click on the first photo to launch the Massie Heritage Center Garden slide show.

The Russell Garden – East Gordon Street
The Russell Garden got our vote for the most beautiful entrance.  Brick columns in an iron fence covered in greens sets the stage for the lush drama of the garden within.   A beautiful brick patio takes you through an arbor to a pond with a sculpture and fountain surrounded by bamboo.  It’s so lush, you feel like you’ve stepped into a jungle.
Click on the first photo to launch The Russell Garden slide show.

The Chastulik Garden – West Gordon Street

Every step of the way through the garden and pathways of the Chastulik garden had fun garden treasures to see.  We only scratched the surface with the photos.  Walkways through two different patio area leads you to an open garden with a swimming pool.  Two stories of screened in porches overlook this incredible space filled with enchanting creatures, decor, and planters.  We weren’t surprised to see a plaque from Hidden Garden Tours of years past throughout the garden.
Click on the first photo to launch The Chastulik Garden slide show.

 The Bolch Garden – West Perry Street
The Bolch garden is designed with walkways around two fountains and a patio with a stunning Italian white marble sculpture.
Click on the first photo to launch The Bolch Garden slide show.

The Salandi Garden – East Oglethorpe Avenue
The Salandi garden of the Ballastone Inn is a lovely space for guests to relax in.  Moss dragonflies adorn the walls of this secret space hidden behind huge potted tea olives lining Oglethorpe Avenue.
Click on the first photo to launch The Salandi Garden slide show.


Azalea Inn and Gardens, a Savannah GA bed and breakfast inn, invites you to reserve a room today to begin enjoying the best experiences in our city, which Travel + Leisure Magazine acclaimed as a “World’s Best City.”