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Eco-friendly Locavore – Azalea Inn and Gardens

May 17, 2011 by Teresa Jacobson


Azalea Inn and Gardens "Locavore"

Jake shares irrigation tips with NOGS tour-goers

Eco-friendly simply means friendly to the environment while Locavore means one who eats food grown or produced locally or within a certain radius (usually 100 miles).  Azalea Inn and Gardens is both!

Several years ago we made the commitment with strong encouragement from our son, Joshua, to be more eco-friendly.  He contacted a local company to pick up all our recyclable products; he schooled us on cutting down our carbon footprint, on not contributing to our landfills and encouraged the change from tiny plastic bottles of boutique shampoo and conditioner to refillable pumps in the shower and offering guests the opportunity to use towels and sheets for more than just a day.   The first month of recycling alone reduced our curbside trash pickup from three large city-provided containers to only one.

Emboldened by the encouragement and positive reception of our guests, we began casting about for more ways to engage in sustaining our environment.  A garden of produce seemed to be a logical step for our inn.  Last year we planted a small summer garden of cherry tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, a few cantaloupes and herbs.  Our winter garden had brussels sprouts and collard greens, cauliflower and broccoli.  This year we committed to BIGGER and that’s what we got!  Adam Mentzer, a local farmer, help build and plant our “Garden of Eating” and MY, OH MY, how it has grown.  Let’s take you on a journey of growth for our mini-farm in the city from inception through May 5, 2011, in pictures.

Inception: March 18, 2011, First planting March 23, NOGS Tour of Gardens April 29, and May 5, 2011 as another marker.






What could be better than a first-hand experience in our gardens, and the first sweet taste of vine-ripened tomatoes? Book your stay now at our  Savannah, Georgia Bed and Breakfast to enjoy the bounty of the garden. Located in the historic district of Savannah, GA, Azalea Inn and Gardens is the premier destination for earth to table dining at breakfast!



2011 NOGS Tour of Hidden Gardens, WJCL and the Azalea Inn Gardens

April 26, 2011 by Teresa Jacobson

Azalea Inn and Gardens – ongoing beautification


Join us this Friday and Saturday from 10 to 4 for the 2011 NOGS Tour of Hidden Gardens– a private glimpse into eight beautiful gardens that are not normally accessible to the public.  These hidden gardens are north of Gwinnett Street (NOGS) in the historic district of Savannah and proceeds go to support the charitable works of the Garden Club of Savannah.  Recently, WJCL interviewed Pat Ryan of the Garden Club and Teresa Jacobson of Azalea Inn and Gardens for a sneak preview of what garden enthusiasts can expect (click here to see the interview).

We think you will be amazed at the growth the produce gardens have achieved since the filming two weeks ago!  Tomato plants are now 2 to 3 feet tall and some are setting blossoms; cucumbers are climbing and setting buds as are the cantaloupe and Galia melons.  The herb garden has taken off as have our blueberry bushes and strawberry plants.  Adam Mentzer of Adam’s Farm came by last week and erected the climbers for tomato plants, cucumbers, melons and pole beans, so the visual is a bit amusing as you see a sea of white strings delicately holding up the tips of so many of our plants.  The snake gourds have taken hold right next to the four Georgia blueberry bushes and delicate blue and pink trumpet vines scale the lattice at the front of the produce garden.

Azalea Inn has been at the forefront of the eco-friendly sustainability model for downtown Savannah bed and breakfast inns being the first inn to champion recycling several years before the city provide curbside service.  It seemed logical to continue the trend by adding low volume drip and micro-drip irrigation throughout the two gardens, and to expand last year’s 12×15 produce beds to encompass the entire back yard of the inn’s neighboring plot.  The amazement of our guests upon seeing the “mini-mini farm” we have sustained in the middle of an historic downtown city  has been the source of inspiration for many.

Join us this Friday and Saturday and show your support for the many wonderful causes of Savannah’s Garden Club.  Tickets are $45 per person or $40 each for a group of ten or more.  For further information, please visit their website at

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