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Savannah Restaurant Week: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

January 5, 2014 by Teresa Jacobson

One of our many favorites from 45 Bistro. :)

Scallops: one of our many favorites from 45 Bistro. :)

If there’s anything you should know about Savannah it’s that we are THE city when it comes to unique, tantalizing cuisine. So to celebrate coming the 24th of January and ending February 2nd The Savannah Restaurant Week will be taking off!

This 10-day festivity pays homage to the culinary gems of Savannah and offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to anyone looking for a more intimate look what these restaurants have to offer.

What’s Included

With over thirty spectacular restaurants participating this is a MUST for anyone!

Each restaurant participating in Savannah Restaurant Week is offering three decadent courses and for only $30 a person (not including tax and gratuity) you can be apart of this delicious escapade!

Whose Participating in Savannah Restaurant Week?

Participating restaurants for The Savannah Restaurant Week are scattered all throughout the Historic District and each has their own unique charm but let’s get you better acquainted with two of our favorites:

45 Bistro is a must for those of you looking for the terrific atmosphere of fine dining and cuisine with all the comforts of family. Located inside the Marshall House Hotel, 45 Bistro has made a significant impression on the people of Savannah and all of her travelers for being an excellent model for hospitality. And of course, one of our favorite places to have some fabulous meals!

Chef Brian, Sous Chef Alfredo, and the staff of 45 will do more satisfy your appetite; they’ll win your heart as well.

A.lure is a restaurant that might make you do a double take at the menu. Originally a divorce lawyer, Chef Charles found his true calling in low country cuisine and we are more than impressed! You’ll experience an almost overwhelming array decadent dishes that will satisfy your taste buds and send you back for more! His innovative approach to contemporary low country cuisine is truly masterful and not to be missed.

What are you waiting for?!

Come on down to Savannah to experience the restaurants mentioned above and many more! The Savannah Restaurant Week only comes twice a year so hop to it!

Azalea Inn and Gardens, a Savannah GA bed and breakfast inn, invites you to reserve a room today to begin enjoying the best experiences in our city, which Travel + Leisure Magazine acclaimed as a “World’s Best City.”

You can also keep up with Azalea Inn & Gardens on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, too!


Historic Savannah Rocked Fashion’s Night Out

September 9, 2011 by Teresa Jacobson

Azalea Inn and Gardens shoots Savannah's Fashion Night Out

Savannah’s Fashion Night Out

Historic Savannah rocked Broughton Street last night, and I for one am so looking forward to the second Vogue Fashion’s Night Out (FNO). The evening was a mix of fashion shows, food, wine, and desserts (you know me – I still have to have my sweet fix). I am not a fashion chaser, heck I am barely literate in the world of “What to Wear” when one is approaching 60, but last night’s affair has me reevaluating my wardrobe!

I arrived fashionably late, a scant 45 minutes after the start of FNO, to find Broughton Street closed to traffic and a line of sassy women, children and young men flaunting their most fashion forward pose as SCAD students completed lightning-fast sketches of our model wannabes. I skirted this group, not feeling particularly fashionable, and made my way to Ruel Joyner’s 24E (one of the nations leading furniture stores) where a collection of boutiques had set up “pop-up” stores with displays of clothing lines and accessories from jewelry to scarves.  Three of my favs were there: Violet Gardens (bohemian couture), and Mangled Courtesan (Project Runway’s April Johnston) and Kathi Rich. I also bumped cheeks with the beautiful Jaclyn Schott of the blog “Shop My Savannah”. Grabbing a decadently rich chocolate brownie I headed on down the street to find what other treats awaited me.

The street was beginning to fill, the bands interspersed throughout the blocks of our fashion “runway” were rocking, and aspiring trendsetters walked, no, strutted their delightful sense of fashion abandon up and down Broughton Street. I reluctantly admit that I was not brave enough to raise my camera and click, click, click away recording some serious fashion nightmares. I ducked into the Copper Penny knowing that Alligator Soul provided the appetizers at this stop and you know this is one of my top go-to restaurants. The interactive fashion show was a mix of renowned designers (Dianne Von Furstenberg and Tibi) as well as a few up-and-comers like Annie Griffin and Waverly Grey.

Paris Market was my next stopping point, where I captured a fashion statement or two around the deliciously set table of confections front and center just inside the store.  Shoppers of all ages, children and adults, were pulling loose wisps of green cotton candy and stuffing it into eager mouths while store clerks dressed in the period of Marie Antoinette serving up refreshing beverages.

Azalea Inn and Gardens loves Savannah Bee Company's Bea

Savannah Bee Company was Abuzz with Bea!

I ventured next to the Savannah Bee Company and the delightful Bee, Bea – seriously, the bumble bee at Savannah Bee is named Bea – abuzz with activity.  She favored the crowd with her incredible bee knowledge, describing the nuances of different honey samplings, and as well as enlightening the crowd with honey flavor science.  I scooped a chunk of bee hive honey onto a chunk of cheese, dripped a bit down my shirt and licking my lips left the store.  Trust me, I will be back.

I then made a beeline for the Savannah Shoe Company just missing Adam Turoni of Chocolat, but in time to sample a sensuous melt-slowly-over-your-tongue trufflesque treat. I was wearing a colorful pair of slides from SSC and on request modeled them for some shoppers – I do believe I should have earned a commission on that sale – or at least a discount on my custom made ankle boots!  (I’ll tell you about them later). Scarfing up one more chocolate I was out the door.

Fab’rik seemed to be the hottest happening store on the block and after a few moments inside I realized in its past life it had been a funky antique mall with the grandest staircase I had ever seen. The same stairs provided several levels of inspired pampering with personal beauty consultations and a glam squad ready to help you shop!

Reaching the outer limits of the FNO zone I found the runway – a flatbed trailer with a band at one end and the catwalk performances  with models from Rise Model Management – it was time for me to turn back and catch the other side of the street’s offerings and soon to wend my way home via Pedi-Cab.

You really must make reservations for next year’s Fashion’s Night Out.  We have a little something planned for the evening to set you off in style!  Azalea Inn and Gardens is a better way to stay.

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Starland District Luncheon Surprise in Savannah GA

December 3, 2010 by

Just a bit south of the Savannah GA historic district, even beyond glorious 37th street, there is a neighborhood on the rise, the Starland District, home to quite a few distractions that are worthy of pulling one out of the magnetic field of the Historic Downtown: Back in the Day Bakery, Color Boxx Salon, and artist workshops behind the Savannah City Mission.  As a young and frugal couple, the appeal of the Starland Cafe was driven by economics, my newly acquired VIP dining card offered 15% off my entire bill.  One would assume the Cafe would be situated right along Bull Street in the trendy, newer construction, modern facade in which other hip businesses sit. However, just a half a block east of Bull on 41st sits a simple 2-story home typical of the area.  Our friend met us at the front door where we were greeted by an artsy and vibrant atmosphere of bright colors, local art, and a large chalkboard upon which was scrawled the daily specials. I opted for the 1/2 and 1/2 combo featuring turkey meatloaf panini with bacon, Muenster, and caramelized onions coupled with the aptly named Kitchen-Sink salad. My wife chose the Blue Moon salad and our friend chose the soup of the day, Turkey Chili with grilled herb ciabatta bread.

We grabbed our drinks and sat down.  Iced tea was my flavor and upon tasting my slightly sweetened glass, I realized that it was not your everyday Luzianne but rather an interesting blend that invigorated my palate. After a few minutes of chatter about how fun and unexpected the place was, our food was delivered timely and piping hot. The staff was ultra friendly and happy to please any request made. The food was absolutely ….scrumptious! The meatloaf panini was full of robust flavor and the accompanying barbecue sauce was a stellar hit with the Muenster and onions. My kitchen sink salad nearly exploded with toppings such as golden raisins, artichoke hearts, dates, red onion, red grapes, crunchy lo-mein noodles, and fire-roasted tomatoes and was dressed just enough to wet the leaves (my personal preference). Cami’s salad was piled high with blue cheese crumbles, crisp bacon, almonds. The turkey chili had great deep flavors only accomplished by a careful flavor layering with just a tiny touch of sweet left on the palate. The VIP card brought the total to just under $30 for our three entrees. At $10 a person, we found it a relative bargain; the food definitely spoke to the quality of care and ingredients.  If you intend to try something new, or go on an antiques excursion down Abercorn, Habersham or Bull, perhaps to “Pinch of the Past,” do not pass this gem up. The Starland Cafe is a new favorite of ours, especially since we live a mere half-mile away!

Reserve your room at Azalea Inn and Gardens Bed and Breakfast, a Savannah GA bed and breakfast, and enjoy all that the Historic and Starland districts of Savannah have to offer or consider a Christmas Gift Certificate for someone you love in our enchanting city.

Azalea Inn and Gardens Bed and Breakfast, Savannah GA Bed and Breakfast

Geekend 2010, Historic Savannah, Georgia, November 4-6, 2010

May 14, 2010 by Teresa Jacobson

Is it okay to be a geek? Ever? Well, if you ask the organizers/co-founders of Geekend 2009, Jake and Miriam Hodesh, the answer is foretold in the overwhelming response to Geekend 2009 by both presenters and attendees. The first ever interactive conference for digital media, Web and information technology professionals was held November 6 thru 9, 2009 at the Hyatt in Historic Savannah Georgia. A planned turnout of 100 morphed into 600 something. Thinking Cap, Inc and the Savannah Geekend Conference were born. But let me let them tell you What, Who and Why in their own words:

What is this Glorious Event?  Unleash the Geek!

Geekend is the annual gathering of the geek tribe in Savannah, Georgia. Geekend is what you might call an interactive conference with some truly awesome parties. It’s kind of the event that you’ll be texting, tweeting, and Facebooking from and all your friends back home will be super jealous.

Geekend is a mashup, a meetup, and a tweet-up all mixed together in a delicious low country boil of innovative ideas. It’s networking, Savannah style. It’s a veritable supermarket of fresh ideas. To sum Geekend up in one word is really quite impossible, but we tend to use this one: Fun.

Who Should Come to Geekend:  You Should!

Whether you are casually twittering, facebooking, texting or obsessively gaming, then you should definitely plan on coming. If you’re writing a super cool iPhone app, then you should come. If you are obsessed with all the digital aspects of music, film and art, then you should plan on breaking it down at Geekend.

Does the future of social media appeal to you? Does the direction of design, online and offline, grab your attention? Are you a creative who is just as adept at building your castles in the digital sandbox as you are at the beach? Then perfect, sign up now, because Geekend is for you.

Why is Geekend in Savannah, GA?  Because Savannah is Awesome!

The city is one of the most incredibly beautiful, cool, historic and fun places to live or visit. That’s because Savannah is a magnet for cool creative types who’ve come here for business, school, the weather, the vibe, the beach, the architecture, the Spanish moss, the friendly locals, great food and energetic nightlife (and the fact that you can legally walk down the street with a cold adult beverage in a to-go cup that we like to call a “traveler”). Oh yeah, we’re also the most haunted city in America, but we get along well with our ghosts. Be aware though, that once you come to Savannah and it casts its spell on you, you’ll probably want to stay.”

What else is there to say?  They’ve said it all – make your reservations early and with us!