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Earth Day Celebrations in Savannah, and Our Urban Gardens

April 20, 2013 by Teresa Jacobson

The gardeners at bed and breakfast Azalea Inn & Gardens in Savannah, GA

The gardeners at our eco-friendly bed and breakfast – Azalea Inn & Gardens in Savannah, GA

Gardens have been featured before here at the blog for Azalea Inn & Gardens

Today we’re bragging, again.

As Earth Day approaches next week (officially on April 22) we are going to give you the scoop on Earth Day celebrations in Savannah, and our urban gardening adventures.

No celebration is complete if we can’t celebrate ourselves…Don’t you agree?

We are so committed to fresh, seasonal and local to the point that we tend our very own urban garden.

Celebrating the Gardens at Azalea

Here we are, today, celebrating our Gardens. We actually have two. One, an ornamental landscape and the other an edible landscape. The best of both worlds!

Our edible landscape is full of tomatoes, squash, eggplant, herbs, cucumbers, and other goodies. Our ornamental landscapes mimic traditional plants that were grown in the early days of Savannah settlement and we hope you’ll come and find your favorite.

The Mini Farm at Our Eco-Friendly Bed and Breakfast

Last year we called our edible gardens a “Mini Farm” and the story is quite a good read if you like to see urban gardening at its finest, and really investigate all the produce varietals that will be showing up in our guests’ full gourmet Southern breakfasts each morning. As a truly eco-friendly bed and breakfast, we’re doing our best to improve every day and every year.

We use a method of space conservation called square-foot gardening. We grow our food on trellises to maximize the yields from the least amount of space. Smart space utilization IS so important, especially downtown in the historic district of Savannah. We’re right at the south edge of the Savannah’s historic district so our guests get all the amenities without all the noise. Be our guest, during Earth Day, and all other days. You’re always welcome at Azalea.

Now THAT'S an urban garden. The grounds at Azalea Inn & Gardens, a B&B in Savannah, GA

Now THAT’S an urban garden. The grounds at Azalea Inn & Gardens, a B&B in Savannah, GA

Celebrating Earth Day in Savannah

This year (2013) the Earth Day celebrations will be held on Saturday, April 20 in Forsyth Park. Everything from music to edible landscaping will be featured. So, if you’re in town, make sure to check it out. More information about Earth Day in Savannah can be found here.

Whether you’re planning to visit Savannah this weekend, or need to start planning for next year – April in Savannah is a real treat and we hope to see y’all soon.

Azalea Inn and Gardens, a Savannah GA bed and breakfast inn, invites you to reserve your room today to experience our beautiful gardens and enjoy the best of our historic city.

Thanks for reading. Don’t forget to follow Azalea Inn & Gardens on Facebook and Twitter, too!

Sufferin’ Succotash! from our Garden’s Bounty

June 22, 2011 by Teresa Jacobson

Garden of Eating's Succotash

Sufferin’ Succotash!” was the catch phrase of Sylvester the Cat, a Looney Tunes character from my childhood.  Actually, he lisped “Thufferin Thuccotash” often in his quest to capture “Tweety Bird” of “I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat” fame.   So what does that have to do with Azalea Inn and Gardens?  Well, our Garden’s bounty is overflowing with cherry tomatoes, green peppers, yellow and purple bush beans, eggplant and okra right now and the garden pickings were the inspiration for our take on a Deep South favorite – Succotash.

Jake has always loved the okra and tomatoes served at Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House and he cajoled me into doing “something” with all the tomatoes and the just perfect sized okra.  He said he would take it any way I fixed it and I am partial to the combination of baby limas, corn, tomatoes and okra, so… why not add whatever the garden was offering up?

Throwing a few slices of bacon into the skillet to render, I set about chopping a medium onion and two cloves of garlic, seeded and chopped a small jalapeno, then ran down to the garden to pick okra, tomatoes, green peppers, and eggplant to throw into the mix.  While the onion softened in the bacon rendering, I sliced the okra, chopped one green pepper and one tiny eggplant to add to the cornucopia of veggies to come and ran back down to the garden to finish off the crop of beans.  Once the onions were softened and the garlic lightly browned, I threw in a bag of frozen corn (eh-gads, its okay!), and bag of frozen baby limas.  Next came the cherry tomatoes, okra, green pepper and eggplant, threw in the bush beans snipped and cut in half and gently cooked the conconction for about 7 to 10 minutes.  Taste tests indicated a need for salt and pepper and with a small chiffonade of basil sprinkled on top, we were ready to eat!  Served along side a simply grilled rib-eye steak it was easy to get Jake to commit to another 9 years with me!

I grew up in a large family, so it was no surprise that I had leftovers – lots of leftovers.  This morning I added a bit of raspberry wine vinegar to the succotash and with Jake’s tastebuds declaring it a winner have incorporated it into tonight’s appetizers which our guests will enjoy – served cold on  chips – a Salsa Succotash.

Azalea Inn and Gardens takes the locavore route to all things served at the inn – join us this summer for a taste of home-grown cantaloupe and Galia melons, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes served a dozen ways and the refreshing courtyard pool with waterfall creating a perfect respite in the warmth of a Savannah summer.   Book online or call us at 800-582-3823 today to reserve your spot at our “farm table” in historic Savannah, Georgia’s best bed and breakfast!

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