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Tybee Island Marine Science Center Creates Fun in Learning!

August 13th, 2012 by kolinpodell

Coral Reef Stuff

Tybee Island, GA Marine Science Center

Looking for a fun summer learning experience for the summer? Tybee Island Marine Science Center creates fun in learning! The center, open daily from 10am-5pm near the pier on Tybee Island just a short 20 minutes drive from the Historic District of Savannah, GA, offers many daily activities and beach learning experiences for the whole family.The center houses some of Coastal Georgia’s living treasures such as a loggerhead turtle, a baby alligator, spider crabs, and many unique and interesting creatures. These can all be seen in the center’s Coastal Gallery with admission being only $4 and kids under 4 are always free! Other activities offered are Beach Discovery Walks, great for groups and families to discover  and learn about the creatures, and landscape of coastal Georgia. Turtle Talks is a great look into the lives of local nesting sea turtles. Their anatomy, lifestyle, and  conservation are studied in a 90 minute talk and walk. Looking to get your hands in the mud? Marsh Treks are one hour explorations into the marshes around Tybee to look for crabs, snails, and beautiful wetlands birds.

Take advantage of our close location to Tybee Marine Science center! Book your stay at Azalea Inn and Gardens; availability and best rates are online.

Savannah, GA Rocks at The Jinx

August 4th, 2012 by kolinpodell

Whats on at the Jinx Bar, Savannah GAThe Jinx club and bar, a.k.a. “the CBGB of the South”, is Savannah’s premier spot for crowd’s of all ages to rock to local and traveling bands. If you’re looking for awesome drinks from local long time bartenders that make you feel like you’re just enjoying a fun time in their basement, we at Azalea Inn and Gardens head to The Jinx. There is something going on every night of the week in the funky skulls and darkness atmosphere. Karaoke, Rock and Roll Bingo nights, live concerts, and Hip Hop Hop night are just a few of the weekly events that draw in the wide array of clientele.

The recent filming of the 2013 movie, “CBGB”, happened mostly at The Jinx and surrounding buildings. Top actors such as Rupert Grint and Justin Bartha had a great time there calling out bingo numbers or simply enjoying the relaxed atmosphere after a day of filming. The location manager for “CBGB”, Charley Baxter, even planned on having the wrap party for the movie at The Jinx.

The owner, Susanne Guest Warnekros, got her inspiration for The Jinx directly from CBGB. She is proud to host traveling bands in the area. Her staff goes a long way to welcome weary bandmates, housing them on couches and providing home cooked meals. The Jinx was also home to many bands during the latest Savannah Stopover Festival. The whole feeling of The Jinx is a real down home place to rock, drink, meet locals, and have an all-out great time.


Savannah’s July 4th 2012 Fireworks Extravaganza

April 8th, 2012 by Teresa Jacobson

Fireworks in Savannah Georgia

It’s hard to get excited about any holiday that falls on a Wednesday, but we take our celebrations seriously in the South and Savannah’s July 4, 2012 Fireworks Extravaganza will be no exception. Everyone knows that Savannah is the only place to be for St. Patrick’s Day – after all, we did hold the largest parade with the largest attendence in the WORLD just a few weeks ago – but we take all opportunities that come our way to have some fun. Did you know there are over 200 festivals throughout the year in Savannah – no kidding! We love our food, our beer, our wine, our art, our culture, our city – heck, we love it all – but most of all we love sharing! So join us on July 4, even if it is a Wednesday, and plan on spending the night – getting up for work the next day is much easier if you didn’t spend it in jail cause you had a wee bit too much fun – or better, take the next day off, meander our streets and enjoy this world-class destination.

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Exploring Savannah’s Black Heritage

December 15th, 2011 by Teresa Jacobson

Black History Vacation at Azalea Inn & Gardens

First African Baptist Church - 1st black congregation in Georgia

Savannah’s Black Heritage is not the most touted tour in our beautiful city and perhaps that is because people tend to step lightly when discussing slavery even after all these years. This subtle attitude however belies the magnificence of the contribution that Savannah’s blacks have given to the fabric of our city. Four inns of Savannah have decided to collaboratively create a package that will highlight some of the best but lesser known historical sites of our city’s black history, culture and heritage.

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What’s there to do in Savannah in the Fall?

September 14th, 2011 by Teresa Jacobson

Stay at Azalea Inn and Gardens for the Jazz Festival

Jazz and Blues, Forsyth Park Savannah

We are often asked, “What’s there to do in Savannah?” and with a quiet smile we share, and share and share.   The quality and quantity of everyday adventures in Savannah is legend.  Our history and architecture alone justifies a 3-day submersion into culture and food and art.  If this is not enough, or you have been Savannah-friendly for a while now, we will help you find more to love about our city by honing in on some of your other interests and building an itinerary fit for you.

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Historic Savannah Rocked Fashion’s Night Out

September 9th, 2011 by Teresa Jacobson

Azalea Inn and Gardens shoots Savannah's Fashion Night Out

Savannah's Fashion Night Out

Historic Savannah rocked Broughton Street last night, and I for one am so looking forward to the second Vogue Fashion’s Night Out (FNO). The evening was a mix of fashion shows, food, wine, and desserts (you know me – I still have to have my sweet fix). I am not a fashion chaser, heck I am barely literate in the world of “What to Wear” when one is approaching 60, but last night’s affair has me reevaluating my wardrobe!

I arrived fashionably late, a scant 45 minutes after the start of FNO, to find Broughton Street closed to traffic and a line of sassy women, children and young men flaunting their most fashion forward pose as SCAD students completed lightning-fast sketches of our model wannabes. I skirted this group, not feeling particularly fashionable, and made my way to Ruel Joyner’s 24E (one of the nations leading furniture stores) where a collection of boutiques had set up “pop-up” stores with displays of clothing lines and accessories from jewelry to scarves.  Three of my favs were there: Violet Gardens (bohemian couture), and Mangled Courtesan (Project Runway’s April Johnston) and Kathi Rich. I also bumped cheeks with the beautiful Jaclyn Schott of the blog “Shop My Savannah”. Grabbing a decadently rich chocolate brownie I headed on down the street to find what other treats awaited me.

The street was beginning to fill, the bands interspersed throughout the blocks of our fashion “runway” were rocking, and aspiring trendsetters walked, no, strutted their delightful sense of fashion abandon up and down Broughton Street. I reluctantly admit that I was not brave enough to raise my camera and click, click, click away recording some serious fashion nightmares. I ducked into the Copper Penny knowing that Alligator Soul provided the appetizers at this stop and you know this is one of my top go-to restaurants. The interactive fashion show was a mix of renowned designers (Dianne Von Furstenberg and Tibi) as well as a few up-and-comers like Annie Griffin and Waverly Grey.

Paris Market was my next stopping point, where I captured a fashion statement or two around the deliciously set table of confections front and center just inside the store.  Shoppers of all ages, children and adults, were pulling loose wisps of green cotton candy and stuffing it into eager mouths while store clerks dressed in the period of Marie Antoinette serving up refreshing beverages.

Azalea Inn and Gardens loves Savannah Bee Company's Bea

Savannah Bee Company was Abuzz with Bea!

I ventured next to the Savannah Bee Company and the delightful Bee, Bea – seriously, the bumble bee at Savannah Bee is named Bea – abuzz with activity.  She favored the crowd with her incredible bee knowledge, describing the nuances of different honey samplings, and as well as enlightening the crowd with honey flavor science.  I scooped a chunk of bee hive honey onto a chunk of cheese, dripped a bit down my shirt and licking my lips left the store.  Trust me, I will be back.

I then made a beeline for the Savannah Shoe Company just missing Adam Turoni of Chocolat, but in time to sample a sensuous melt-slowly-over-your-tongue trufflesque treat. I was wearing a colorful pair of slides from SSC and on request modeled them for some shoppers – I do believe I should have earned a commission on that sale – or at least a discount on my custom made ankle boots!  (I’ll tell you about them later). Scarfing up one more chocolate I was out the door.

Fab’rik seemed to be the hottest happening store on the block and after a few moments inside I realized in its past life it had been a funky antique mall with the grandest staircase I had ever seen. The same stairs provided several levels of inspired pampering with personal beauty consultations and a glam squad ready to help you shop!

Reaching the outer limits of the FNO zone I found the runway – a flatbed trailer with a band at one end and the catwalk performances  with models from Rise Model Management – it was time for me to turn back and catch the other side of the street’s offerings and soon to wend my way home via Pedi-Cab.

You really must make reservations for next year’s Fashion’s Night Out.  We have a little something planned for the evening to set you off in style!  Azalea Inn and Gardens is a better way to stay.


Savannah Georgia is Vogue choice as a Host for the Third Annual Fashion’s Night Out

August 11th, 2011 by Teresa Jacobson

Savannah GA hosts Fashion's Night Out

Savannah Fashion’s Night Out – Mingle with Designers and Stars!

It really should come as no surprise to those who live and work here that Savannah, Georgia is recognized as a fashion influence by inclusion in Vogue Magazine’s Third Annual Fashion’s Night Out.  We have SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) to thank for this honor, or at least in the humble opinion of the mother-in-law of a SCAD Fashion graduate, Kelley Landry Brock.  Why thank SCAD?  This college’s fashion program has gained such recognition that it rivals the top schools of New York CIty.  Savannah has become the home of several boutique start-ups of SCAD Grads, and boasts the success of the likes of Project Runway’s April Johnston (Season 8). The official announcement of new cities will be made in New York on August 15, but who needs to wait that long?  I want to tell you NOW!

This hot fashion event started three years ago during the economic downturn  of 2009; the 2011 edition of the best one-night fashion party is slated for September 8, 2011 from 7pm to 11 pm.  Bring cash, credit card or checks and arrive on Broughton Street in Historic Savannah GA prepared to mingle with celebrities, designers and stars.  Who knows what incredible fashion design you may find, the one that just cries out to you, “I am made for you!”   The right guy is not the only way to get that tingle from your toes to your nose – sometimes it’s just about the right fashion as it slithers, swishes, swoops and swoons over your body.

There are only 28 days, two hours and oh, so few minutes till the hottest fashion event of the year is launched in American’s favorite city, the most walkable city in America,  ranked the number 2 art destination (beating out  Charleston),  most historic city, the best place to retire (again, personal opinion), best place to vacation, one of American’s prettiest towns… (need I go on), SAVANNAH!!

Play it smart and come in early on Thursday night, September 8 for Savannah’s Fashion’s Night Out and stay the extra day, Friday night, September 9, so you won’t miss the delightful, tasteful, delectable, incredible Taste of Savannah!  We plan to be at both, of course.

Call Azalea Inn and Gardens to reserve your room – you won’t want to miss either event!

Southern Nights show at Savannah Theatre in Savannah, GA

July 31st, 2011 by Cami Nicole

Savannah Theatre Show Venue

Foot tapping entertainment at Savannah Theatre with Southern Nights

Kolin and I recently made our first trip to the Savannah Theatre in Savannah, GA to see Southern Nights: The Country Review. Though billed as the one of the oldest theaters in America, I do have to admit the Art Deco appearance of the theater suggests that it was built far after 1818; however, due to several fires much remodeling has taken place throughout the centuries.  Nevertheless, the grandeur of old Hollywood greets you as you enter the lobby. A sweeping spiral staircase up to the balcony level is lined with poster sized portraits of some of the actors that have visited the stage. The popcorn and snacks still fill the air with that familiar comfortable scent. After getting a few sodas and a popcorn, we headed into the theater. I have to admit, I was ready for some cheesy, far-out renditions of twangy country classics that I had never heard of….

To my surprise, the show started with a salute to our freedom and pride for our troops with some great upbeat country patriotic songs. Then we transitioned into fun country rock from yesterday and today’s charts. The voices were phenomenal. The entire cast actually was no less than extremely professional and energetic. There were costume changes, jokes, and even a segment with audience involvement.  My personal favorite was when the entire cast and talented band came to the front of the stage and casually sat around and just did acoustic versions of some great songs from the Dixie Chicks, Brad Paisley, Miranda Lambert, and the Zack Brown band.  I was completely taken by surprise by the amount of real talent and vigor these actors and musicians mustered up every night. The shows at the Savannah Theater are not only worth the visit, I highly recommend one be a highlight of anyone’s trip. Today’s vibrant cast puts on several shows each week and each night boasts energetic singing and acting out of each member.

(The Historic Savannah Theatre in Savannah, GA is America’s oldest continuously operating theater. It opened in 1818 and has since hosted a myriad of wonderful shows and performers. Some notable actors to grace the early stage were W.C. Fields, Julia Marlowe, Otis Skinner, and Henry Irving.)

Azalea Inn and Gardens Bed and Breakfast in Savannah, GA’s historic district is a short walk from the Savannah Theatre.

4th Annual Savannah Craft Brew Festival

July 24th, 2011 by Teresa Jacobson

Savannah Ga Labor Day Festival

Beer and Buddies and Labor Day Fun

Where I grew up, Beer and Burgers went with Labor Day like fireworks on the fourth of July, and here in Savannah, well, we take Beer on Labor Day to a whole new level!  Welcome to the 4th Annual Savannah Craft Brew Festival - a three-day festival dedicated to craft brew enthusiasts!  There are over 35 brewing companies, live music, food, and judging contests for both home brewers and professional brewers alike. 

The festival starts on Friday with a golf tournament at 10 a.m. followed by a beer tasting reception.  Friday evening brings an opportunity to join fellow aficionados for a beer and food pairing dinner accompanied by live music.  Jake and I have attended and sponsored many wine and food pairing dinners, but our first beer and food pairing was a blast!  Now if you don’t have time to fit in dinner, be sure to show up for the desserts and brews and fireworks, aptly named “Brews and Booms”.

Saturday and Sunday offers an outdoor event on the Esplanade at the trade center with more than 130 different craft brews, live entertainment, delicious food offerings and souvenir items for sale.  Sunday night closes with a “Beer vs. Wine Dinner” at Ruth’s Chris steak house – a 5-course event hosted by Tim Rutherford (Brewfest chairman and wine columnist) and Oscar Wong (Highland Brewing Company) who will make the pairings but ultimately, you will choose the best pairing for each course.

Stone Brewing Company, San Diego, CAWe have to share with you that one of Jake’s all-time favorite brewers will be in attendance – Stone Brewing Company of San Diego.  Jake introduced me to this beer when we first began dating over 11 years ago when he encouraged me to take a sip of his “Arrogant Bastard” ale, and I was hooked.  Drop by the festival and out see for yourself!

Azalea Inn and Gardens Bed and Breakfastin Savannah, GA’s historic district has a few rooms left for Labor Day – call us now!

Memorial Day Remembrance

May 30th, 2011 by Teresa Jacobson

Savannah GA remembers

National Day of Remembrance

I never knew this holiday we now call Memorial Day, once known as Decoration Day, was first enacted by formerly enslaved African-Americans to honor Union soldiers of the American Civil War and was extended after World War I to honor Americans who have died in all wars.  The day was to mark a ritual of remembrance and reconciliation after the Civil War and in 1868 a proclamation was issued that ”Decoration Day” should be observed nationwide.  May 30 was chosen because it was not the anniversary of any battle.  By the early 20th century it was a day of more general expressions of memory to all who had died, whether they served in the military or not.   In 1971 Congress turned Memorial Day into a mandatory three-day weekend with the National Holiday Act of 1971 (P.L. 90 – 363), and made it all the easier for us to be distracted from the spirit and meaning of the day.

Today, Jake and I took an early morning stroll to River Street with the express purpose to find the bricks we had purchased in support of the Veteran’s Council of Chatham County’s WW2 Memorial project in remembrance of veterans who served in the war that “split the world into two global conflicts.”   We approached down River Street from the east when the sun was just beginning to light the sky.  Jake traversed the globe clockwise while I traveled in the opposite direction.  We were scanning hundreds of bricks in search of my father’s name and the brick for Azalea Inn and Gardens.  It wasn’t very long before I slowed and began actually reading the bricks and remembering: in memory of the 82nd Airborne Division, 821st MP Co, 583 Signal Corp Bat, the individuals and the strings of family names, bricks laid side by side in honor of the men and women who fought this “last great war”.

I found Azalea Inn and Gardens about a quarter of the way through my section at the northern entrance to the memorial and several rows later the brick of John J. Scott, Jr., my father.  I was pleased to find them so close together though certainly I had purchased them at different times as if someone knew that these two were connected.  My dad served first in the Navy in the European-African-Middle Eastern campaign and at the very close of the war he re-enlisted in the Army-Air Corp and was stationed at Orly Field in France during the Paris Peace talks.  He went on to complete 20 years of service in the USAF.

In respect and remembrance of all who have given their lives to ensure that we have the freedom to forget to salute our flag, to place our hand over our hearts in allegiance, to spit at the feet of those who have returned from unpopular wars, to burn our flag, to think differently, look different, act different, speak with different accents, come from different places – today at 3:00 p.m. pause to reflect on the sacrifice of others in this national day of remembrance.

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