All About James Oglethorpe, Savannah’s Founding Father

James OglethorpeToday we’ve got some fun facts for you today about James Oglethorpe, Savannah’s founding father. Read on to get a glimpse into the life of this great man including his vision for the poor, his friendship with Savannah’s natives and some other neat things about him. James Oglethorpe’s Vision for the Poor The official date is 1733 when Savannah’s founding father sailed from England to the New World. He wanted to find land for the poor of England to farm. You see, they had been thrown in jail unjustly for debts owed to the wealthy ruling class. Prison reform was Oglethorpe’s humanitarian crusade. His vision is a far cry from the urban life we now experience. However, we think his system of controlled urban settlement combined with small family farms and individual land ownership capped at 50 acres was a solid start for the settlement of Savannah. His Friendship with the Natives For 10 years, James Oglethorpe worked alongside his interpreter, the bilingual Mary Musgrove. Her dual proficiency in both English and the language of the Creek Indians enabled the peaceful cooperation between the two cultures. With Mary’s help to translate, James Oglethorpe became fast friends with Yamacraw chief Tomochichi (who allegedly still haunts Savannah from Chippewa Square). Without this friendship, Savannah would not exist today. Other Neat Things about James Oglethorpe For fun, James Oglethorpe liked to hunt. He called the hunting lodge established south of Savannah on Cumberland Island DUNGENESS. We love that. When you visit Savannah, you can walk down the street that bears his name as you enjoy the bustling hub of city activity combined with just the right amounts of green space. The man born on December 22, 1696 really made a mark on the world. We appreciate his vision for establishing the colony of Georgia – starting with Savannah.

Thank You, James Edward Oglethorpe!

We hope you get to visit us soon, to marvel at the modern transformation this city has made from the original vision of James Oglethorpe, Savannah’s founding father.

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