Eloping in Savannah – Ditch the Big Wedding Already!

elopingIf you want to elope while retaining some of the elements in a traditional wedding, eloping in Savannah is the perfect choice for YOU and your betrothed.

  • You want the charm, the romance, the WEDDING CAKE!
  • You want the preparation, the primping, the PICTURES!
  • You want the the ring, the romance and the ROSES!

What you DO NOT want is the planning, the stress OR 150 of your fiance’s mother’s closest friends. Boy oh boy are you lucky you found this story!

If you’re not familiar yet with Savannah, it’s one of the most charming cities in America. Ask anyone who’s been here and I’ll bet you they say it’s “BEAUTIFUL.” There are 24 different city squares to explore, a photo-op at every corner and one of the largest historic districts in the US. The beach is only 30 minutes away. Downtown Savannah boasts top-notch restaurants filled with culinary masterpieces and enough boutiques to find the perfect trinkets for everyone that didn’t quite make it into your elopement guest list. That is, as long as they all throw you a newlywed party upon your return.

Now that we’ve given you the short of why choosing Savannah for your upcoming elopement is the right decision, let’s talk about why Azalea Inn & Gardens is the #1 Elopement Wedding partner in town. Well, Elopements in Savannah GA are kind of our specialty. As long as you also count gourmet breakfasts, chocolate-covered strawberries, concierge-worthy knowledge of our hostess city and command over what we think is the best B&B EVER.

A Bed and Breakfast is the next best thing to staying at your best friend’s house. It’s better than a hotel because you are provided with an intimate setting where you can really feel at home. You’ll feel at home because you are in a HOME, not some high-rise where you’re shuffled in and out as fast as possible. The bed and breakfast is where you settle into a routine of relaxation, indulgence and that plain old-fashioned feel-good happy feeling. I’d want THAT for MY elopement wedding, too!

As you now know that staying at a bed and breakfast makes you happier than, perhaps, you’ve ever been – let’s talk about letting OUR B&B plan your elopement wedding. You’ll have no mess to clean up from months and days of monotonous and energy-draining planning. Basically all you have to decide is which outfits to pack for the days and nights of activities on your elopement wedding vacations. You’ll have no directions to give, only maps we’ll make specifically for you and your beloved after we’ve helped you figure out the best romantic ideas for the first bits of spare time you share as newlyweds. You’ll have no in-laws to please, only love, and a lifelong commitment ceremony that you are free to ENJOY. Of course, if you want you in-laws there – they, too can attend your elopement when they stay at Azalea Inn & Gardens.

We take care of EVERYTHING when you decide to make this dream of eloping in Savannah come true.

Believe me, you’ll be reliving your wedding memories MANY times. That bad Elvis impersonator on the Vegas strip isn’t quite the right vision you’ll want to conjure up. Neither is the long line at city hall where rules, permits and regulations are the name of the game. At Azalea Inn & Gardens we’ll pamper you with gourmet breakfast every morning, a fresh-baked dessert every night, wine and hors d’oeuvres every night except Sunday. We’ll do the planning and let you stick to the romance.

Now THAT’S a memory worth making. If eloping in Savannah sounds good to you, browse our Savannah elopement wedding package then give us a call at 912-236-6080 to start planning your perfect elopement wedding. I think it’s the best wedding package in Savannah and I sure hope you do too!

Azalea Inn and Gardens, a Savannah GA bed and breakfast inn, invites you to reserve your room today and begin enjoying the best experiences in our city, which Travel + Leisure Magazine acclaimed as a “World’s Best City.”