A.lure in Savannah’s Historic District Lures Diners in for Fresh Local Seafood

Savannah is dotted with seafood joints both classy and casual. Most are born and bred on the local catch and offer the succulent selection of fine Georgia Coast seafood. A new place has hit the downtown area and is more than hooked on the areas finest ocean goodies. A.lure sits near City Market in Historic Savannah, Georgia on Congress street. A.lure’s beautifully appointed modern interior features local art, a warm and dark brick interior, and expertly planned lighting that features each individual table and highlights your entree. After all, we do eat with our eyes first… and A.lure in Savannah’s Historic District lures diners in for fresh local seafood.

Service to a “T” is what we got at A.lure. The staff is well trained and very comfortable with the menu, something I highly prize in a good eatery. If the staff knows the menu in detail and is comfortable with telling you exactly how they feel about each item, you know they’ve tried each thing and know what is going on! Our server was spot on with our first course of seared, sushi-grade tuna. Spicy notes of wasabi melded with sweet beet reduction carefully whisped about the plate of sticky rice that was topped with our hearty helping of ultra-rare seared tuna with a sesame oil foam. The nuttiness of the sesame complimented the natural saltiness of the pristine smooth fish. I was torn when it came to the main course… being called A.lure (an obviously fishy name) could they deliver on a NY Strip with frites?!

The steak arrived tender and moist on the red interior with a lovely caramelized outer salty crust… a home run with the extra crisp Parmesan fries that were beyond golden on the outside with the characteristic fluffy soft interior of the best frites of the world. My dining partners enjoyed a rare Thai-inspired duck breast with a delicious curry, and the other daintily fed on crisp tender crab cakes loaded with fresh lump crab.

The portions are well above par for most fine-dining establishments. The service, impeccable and highly educated on the food. The atmosphere, fun and inviting while maintaining an air of privacy to each table no matter the size of the party. The food, though, takes the cake… even though we had no more room for the “cake”. Hehehe….

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