Tune Up Your Tuesday with Tacos!

Taco Abajo, a local eatery in Savannah, GA, is the place to be most any day or night of the week. Fresh local meats and produce are used in all of their pocket-friendly entrees which range from $3 to $8. The authentic cuisine is simple with robust flavor and has an attitude that says it has been cooked fresh and fast for you whether on your lunch break or during a nightly bar crawl.

Taco Tuesdays draw in a big crowd offering a 2 for 1 deal. To wash all that fresh goodness down in this July heat, how about ordering one of their $2 margaritas?!? Heck, at that price, as long as there isnt work to be done, order 2, 3, or 4!

Catch local music here during the later part of the week and hang out in their game room…playing pool is free on Sundays and with a killer brunch menu you won’t find a cooler place to spend a lazy Savannah day!

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