Adventures in Eating Outside the Savannah Historic District – Think Blue Turtle Bistro

Adventures in eating outside the Savannah Historic District
Blue Turtle Bistro – fresh and local ingredients in a Yummy Salad!

My wife, Cami, and I enjoy adventures in eating – we love great food and a fun atmosphere.  It is especially fun to show our visiting family and friends the best of Savannah cuisine.  This weekend we had friends from Atlanta in town for the Savannah Jazz Festival and we decided to have a night out somewhere unexpected. We don’t usually try something new with guests but they have been here quite a few times and we thought it was time to break the norm and venture outside the Savannah Historic District. There are many up and coming neighborhoods in Savannah and younger crowds comprised of mainly of SCAD students and local professionals like to veer from the downtown bustle on a Saturday night and so we decided to follow that trend, at least for the evening!Tucked away in a building on Paulsen Street at 66th in Midtown is an instant new favorite for us. The Blue Turtle Bistro features homemade hearty meals with a healthy twist. The mid-mod style inside is all at once funky, extremely chic and sophisticated. Cool blues with pops of burnt orange here and there make for a fun environment accented by the warm glow of candles on each table and along the walls. We sat with our friends in the middle of the restaurant and it still felt very intimate – the Blue Turtle Bistro had made it a point to not crowd the tables leaving ample room to move around and mingle with other locals.

The menu is simple to understand and the very straightforward presentation of each meal makes The Blue Turtle a hit with me already! I’m all for simple food, good food, and healthy food. They definitely delivered! I ordered the Seared Pork chop with Homemade Mac and Cheese and Braised Spinach. Cami had the special of the evening, Chicken Picatta with Asparagus and Mashed Potatoes, while our guests savored Bacon Wrapped Beef Tenderloin with Haricot Verts, and Creamy Risotto with Chorizo Roasted Red Peppers and Manchego Cheese.

We were all eager to taste each others dinner and with the portions being as ample as they were, nobody refrained! Every morsel of each entree was absolutely mouthwatering. The Picatta sauce was bright and had just the perfect brineyness (is that a word?!) from the capers while maintaining a creamy subtle richness. My mac and cheese was velvety smooth and just sharp enough to compliment the crisp salty sear on the thick bone-in chop. We were all extremely pleased and so satisfied with our individual choices (and not at all shy about exclaiming over everyone’s choice.)

The service was prompt, friendly, and very welcoming even though we had arrived only 30 minutes prior to closing. There was a sense of real pride about the food and space that really draws you in, then the food is the real kicker that beckons you to be a repeat offender! Great ambiance, perfect company, and simple, elegant, scrumptious bistro fare is what you’ll find at The Blue Turtle Bistro in Midtown Savannah, Georgia!

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