Savannah Stopover Music Festival: The Aftermath

Hot venues.  Passionate music.  Free beer.  Epic winning.

The Savannah Stopover Music Festival brought something for everyone: rock, pop, punk, country, hip hop, rap, and so on. The gallery opening of concert posters done by SCAD kids as well as a scavenger hunt that took place on Saturday introduced a new technology to many: Microsoft’s Tag Reader.  With this app on your smart phone, one could gain an extra digital experience by simply taking a picture.  There were shows in the strangest places like Civvies, while others took place in expected haunts like Hang Fire; no matter where the music was played, all in attendance had a stellar experience.  There’s just something about independent bands: that raw energy and pure love sends electricity into the crowd, no matter if you’re sitting among clothing racks or pulled up to a bar.

Kolin, a few friends, and I braved the rain on the first night of shows to hear Sonia Leigh at the WormHole.  I was raised on country music and still love it, so I was pumped about this show.  Sonia has a rugged sound, reminiscent of Bonnie Raitt, and her songs are brutally honest.  Her backup singer has a pretty voice with a soulful edge that blends perfectly with Sonia’s.  I often found myself getting lost in the beat and staring at the drummer whose passion couldn’t go unnoticed.  After the set, many eagerly lined up to purchase CDs and sign up for the mailing list to receive a free poster (which would be signed before the night was up).  This may have been the first show I enjoyed of Stopover, but it ended up being my favorite.

Some other notable performances came from Das Racist, a rap trio that kept the crowd laughing with their catchy lines; General Oglethorpe & The Panhandlers, a local group of storytellers that made concert-goers feel right at home; Cusses, a force of rock that lead the rebels to rejoice; and We Are Trees, a barefoot bunch that had the crowd humming in harmony.

I know there are many people (including this girl) who will be disappointed if Stopover doesn’t become an annual event in the hostess city.

[More picture by me.  More pictures by Matthew McCully.  More pictures by Jabberpics.  More pictures by Geoff L. Johnson.]