Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room in Savannah, Georgia

I’ve never been a fan of waiting…for anything.  But in order to get a seat at Savannah’s ever-popular Mrs. Wilkes’ Dining Room on West Jones, I had to.  However, once I reached the table overflowing with Southern delights, I forgot all about my wait and dug in eagerly.

Kolin (you know, Azalea Inn’s chef…and my man-candy AKA husband) and I had been to Mrs. Wilkes’ for my birthday last year and couldn’t wait to share the experience with some of our family and friends.  So, when his mom and sister came for an extended weekend, we made sure to make time for it.  A line forms early every weekday (they are closed on Saturdays and Sundays as well as the ENTIRE month of January) until the doors open at 11 am.  Folks are shuffled in and seated as tables become available.  Strangers share a HUGE Southern meal family-style and are friends by dessert, a tradition begun when the restaurant was a boarding house.

President Obama dined at Mrs. Wilkes’ this past year and the lucky patrons on-hand had a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  While we can’t guarantee that you will dine with THE President, you just never know who might be sharing a table with you; after all, Savannah is a premiere filming destination.  You could be eating with the likes of Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump), Julia Roberts (Something to Talk About), Will Smith (The Legend of Bagger Vance), and let’s not forget Robert Redford sightings during the recent filming of The Conspirator.

Mrs. Wilkes’ is definitely one of my favorite places to eat in the low-country (and may very well top my list).  Come with a hearty appetite and schedule time for a nap after!