Azalea Inn and Gardens’ Chef dines at Broughton and Bull, Savannah GA.

My wife Cami and I have pretty adventurous feet and tastebuds, therefore, we like to try a new place each time we dine out. Upon recieving a giftcard to the newly opened Broughton and Bull, I made plans one recent evening to wine and dine my wife. We had heard mixed reviews about the past endeavors in this building, and were somewhat reluctant to enter even though the location and restaurant themselves are extremely enticing. With no reservations, we walked in and opted for a spot at the chic, low-lit bar. The bartender was extremely warm and ready to help with drinks, of course – a glass of bubbly for Cami and a gin and tonic for myself.  The bartender, noticing we were struggling with what to order, drew our eyes to the giant chalkboard wall on which the specials of the evening were artfully displayed.

We were both in the mood for a good steak so when we saw the 16 oz NY Strip served with creamy rissotto, sauteed squash, and a portobello cap stuffed with house-made sausage, we quickly landed there and decided it would be more than plenty for the both of us to share. Shortly after our order went in, we were served warm bread with a creamy white bean spread, quite delightful and no need for an order of steamed mussles (which we had ordered and they were forgotton; no harm, no foul). Time for steak! The waiter brought out our plates and very kindly had them split the steak, and all accompaniments on two separate plates for us. Even being split, the steak halves were massive and at least 1 1/2″ thick, superbly grilled to medium-rare and SO flavorful. The risotto was a nice creamy balance to the robust saltiness of the beef, the sausage stuffed mushroom was surprisingly brilliant, and the squash was crisp-tender.

Even though we were initially hesitant, we were ultimately swayed and collectively thought our Broughton and Bull experience was one to repeat.

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