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Happy Birthday Allison from Sapphire Grill

Last night Lori (the “wine chick”) and I celebrated Allison’s birthday with a plan to meet up at the Olde Pink House for champagne and cupcakes from Back in the Day Bakery. Arriving a bit early, Lori and I started out with a Hibiscus Mojioto, which frankly, I found a bit light, and ordered Mac and Cheese Jalapeno Poppers with red pepper coulis and a green tomato salsa Verde, as well as Goat Cheese stuffed Artichoke Fritters with red pepper and honey mustard sauces – delightful way to start our adventures.  Allison arrived just as the appetizers were being placed in front of us and Lori summoned our waitress to pour the birthday girl’s drink of the night – Champagne. Seriously, bubblies do go with everything! including the red velvet, yellow and lemon cupcakes and our slightly off key rendition of “Happy Birthday”.

Next stop was one of my favorites – Sapphire Grill – which I don’t get to often enough as evidenced by the surprised hugs I received as several of the staff recognized me.  Lori had already raved about the Mojito our bartender mixed up for her sister once upon an evening, but I opted for a glass of  red -Four Vines Monarchy – mmmm, bliss.  Allison stuck with bubblies and Lori sipped on a Four Vines Naked Chardonnay.  Before we got to the end of our wine, the bartender created the aforementioned drink for a party of four – and Lori suggested we share one as he quickly added another glass to his lineup.  Just watching him create the Mojito was a lesson in the craft of mixology, and once tasted – well, I didn’t share much after the first delectable quenching sip. There was one surprise for Allison from Sapphire Grill- one of the reasons we love them!

 Lori was now talking about steamed clams at another place and we waved good bye to our friends at Sapphire and headed down the street.  We arrived at “Circa 1875 – A Gastro Pub” with a decidedly French connection a few minutes later where Lori is very well known and received a plethora of hello hugs and kissed cheeks.  Naturally I stepped in for a hug or two as well – who cares if they had just met me? Allison continued with champagne and Lori and I ordered Premonition (a red blend) along with two appetizers, the aforementioned steamed clams, Palourdes de L’Ile Sapelo, (local harvested clams steamed with white wine, garlic, whole grain mustard, capers, lardons and pesto, served with a baguette) and Foies de Poulet Sauté (seasoned chicken livers on top of savory brioche, caramelized Vidalia onions, quince preserves, finished with natural pan juices).  Seriously, seriously good – so good in fact we ordered one more order of each – and of course, more wine.  I could have sat through another round of these decadently delicious appetizers but Allison’s birthday required we take in one more place that was just a bit out of the ordinary.

Arriving at Blaine’s Back Door Bar, Lori again was effusively greeted by the owner, while Allison and I began to observe the artwork on the walls, the pool table in the back room, and placed our drink request, Champagne for Allison and a beer for Lori – I opted for water, feeling the effects of the earlier evening’s repast beginning to creep up on me.  

Sometime after midnight, Allison ordered up a Pedi-Cab and after calling Lori’s husband to let him know she was better off staying at the inn for the night, we all headed home.  Happy Birthday Allison!!!

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