Great Review for Azalea Inn and Gardens, Savannah

Dear Teresa, Jake, Kimberly, Kolin, Elizabeth, Miss Betty, Joey and the three other furry friends,   Thank YOU ALL for making our time in Savannah at the inn so wonderful.  We didn’t want to leave and we will certainly be back.  It had been a very long time since all of us had a “restful” vacation but we did have one at Azalea Inn.  Everything we wanted or needed was taken care of.  We have wonderful memories of our time with you all — and the very enjoyable guests staying there too.    It’s been a tough adjustment back to real life.  Every night since we’ve been home, we go searching around our house for some wonderful sweet munchies on a pedestal under a glass dome with coffee at the ready but, alas, none is there.   Teresa and Jake, you especially went far above and beyond to make sure things went well for all of us from the very beginning and there will always be a special place in our hearts for you for that as well.   Our room was beautiful and comfy, the food was wonderful, the surroundings were pleasing for body and soul and the atmosphere was so friendly and enjoyable.  We are grateful to all of you for those things.  It’s the people who make all the difference and you are all the best of the best!!!!   Hugs and missing you,   Pam and John