Biggest Fireworks Display in Savannah, Azalea Inn and Gardens

Fireworks explode over the Savannah River Friday during the American Pyrotechnics Association "Light up the Night for Life". Richard Burkhart/Savannah Morning News

The American Pyrotechnics Association’s “Light up the Night for Life” fireworks display on Friday, September 24th was absolutely phenomenal! Our chef, Kolin, and his wife, Cami, decided to venture down to the river to experience the promise of a truly amazing spectacle. 

The night air was a fine 77 degrees and the balmy full moon had a double halo around it’s pitted surface, an eerie and classically Savannah atmosphere surrounded us as we made our way down the cobblestone paths. We followed hoards of tourists and locals alike, to the river’s edge to get a great seat to what seemed to most like a late (9:45) start to such an event. People searched for and squeezed into every square inch of the riverwalk, benches that easily hold 2-3 people were crammed with as many as 5 people. We nestled ourselves in between two shrubs and waited for things to start. There was conversation and mumbling all around us, then, like clockwork, at 9:45, radio station WIXV 95.5 started to blast classical music out of the portable speakers as every spectator’s head turned to the river as ear-shocking blasts erupted in blues and greens, golds and reds. With each song, the fireworks were timed to the beat and even certain lyrics triggered appropriate responses from the light display on the Westin side of the river. It truly was as promised, the most extravagant display of fireworks I (along with most everyone in attendance) had ever experienced! It is said that the finale itself was comprised of just as many shells as were in the entire July 4th celebration! It wasn’t all just a show, however. Donations and even proceeds from some of the local restaurants and bars were given to local organ donation charities. What a way to start the weekend here in Savannah!