Innkeepers Grab Lunch On the Go

Jimmy John´s Window SignYesterday, we attended the grand opening of a new sub shop, Jimmy Johns Gourmet Sandwiches, on Johnson Square.  I was lured by the grand opening invitation:  Enjoy any sub, #1-6, for only $1.00! Of course, being the magnanimous employer that I am, I brought along Kimberly and Kolin, my treat.

We knew we were in the right spot almost immediately.   There on the corner of Bull and Congress was a line, make that two lines, out the door.  We advanced quickly to the front of the line and placed our order: #2, #4 and #5 with three drinks, medium.  The sandwiches were assembled so quickly (usually in under a minute) that it took us by surprise. Lunch was in our hands before I finished pulling the one’s from my purse, and at less than $8.00, well, I felt pleased with myself. But let’s talk taste.

From six meats–tuna, turkey, chicken, ham (prosciutto and American-style), salami, and roast beef–provolone cheese, three breads, and an assortment of veggies, Jimmy Johns makes 23 different sandwiches,  Overall, we thought Jimmy Johns sandwiches we a bit tastier than those of the usual corporate competition.  The interior is done up in black and white with red accents and a few signs: some are corporate slogans, but most are funny, a few somewhat irreverent.  All in all, I would say Jimmy Johns is a pleasant place to have lunch, and the upstairs dining room lets you step out of the crowd and enjoy your meal without feeling rushed.