Saturday stroll downtown with lunch at Soho South Cafe

Soho South Cafe


Just another sunny Saturday in beautiful Savannah! Walking around in the historic district, we (Kolin, chef at Azalea Inn and Gardens and my wife, Cami) visited some of our favorite places. Strolling down Jones Street admiring the ornate ironwork and lush gardens we worked up an appetite.  Then out of the blue, a small raincloud gathered overhead and started to empty on us. What a perfect time to duck into Low Country Gourmet Foods on Liberty Street. This place has the most excellent tasting room; we took in the aromas and sipped some fine, fruit infused Balsamic vinegars… this also helped peak our cravings for some good eats. Therefore, we continued our journey (when the sun burst through that little rain pocket again)  just a bit further down the street to 12 West Liberty Street, the home of Soho South Cafe.  

The artsy, Savannah chic lunch spot houses some great art and reading materials to browse while you wait. Yes, we did wait about 20 minutes for lunch, but it was worth it! The hostess was busy but very friendly and seemed to be able to accommodate just about any request. When we were seated at a cozy two-top, our server buzzed right over to us and took our drink and lunch order (which we had already decided upon during our wait). Refreshing sweet tea with mint and lemon for both of us. As we took in our colorful and artful surroundings, we watched as various plates were being delivered, each heaping with large portions of scrumptious looking fare… we could hardly contain ourselves when we finally saw our girl headed straight to us with our order. I decided firmly on the Grilled Salmon BLT and my wife chose one of her favorites, a classic pairing of ham, brie and granny smith apples, all melty and warm on a toasted baguette. My salmon BLT came adorned with a zesty and creamy herbed mayo, thick cut hearty bacon and fresh lettuce and tomato. The salmon was expertly grilled and the slight char along with the smoky salty bacon was utter dreaminess. Then, to just make it all go down a bit easier, they nestled all this warm grilled goodness on a buttery, croissant-like challah bun. My wife’s baguette sandwich was equally delicious. We ended the perfect meal sharing  a simple chocolate-chip cookie. Soho South is definitely an ideal lunch location for a sunny (or mostly sunny) Saturday afternoon!