Geekend 2010, Historic Savannah, Georgia, November 4-6, 2010

Is it okay to be a geek? Ever? Well, if you ask the organizers/co-founders of Geekend 2009, Jake and Miriam Hodesh, the answer is foretold in the overwhelming response to Geekend 2009 by both presenters and attendees. The first ever interactive conference for digital media, Web and information technology professionals was held November 6 thru 9, 2009 at the Hyatt in Historic Savannah Georgia. A planned turnout of 100 morphed into 600 something. Thinking Cap, Inc and the Savannah Geekend Conference were born. But let me let them tell you What, Who and Why in their own words:

What is this Glorious Event?  Unleash the Geek!

Geekend is the annual gathering of the geek tribe in Savannah, Georgia. Geekend is what you might call an interactive conference with some truly awesome parties. It’s kind of the event that you’ll be texting, tweeting, and Facebooking from and all your friends back home will be super jealous.

Geekend is a mashup, a meetup, and a tweet-up all mixed together in a delicious low country boil of innovative ideas. It’s networking, Savannah style. It’s a veritable supermarket of fresh ideas. To sum Geekend up in one word is really quite impossible, but we tend to use this one: Fun.

Who Should Come to Geekend:  You Should!

Whether you are casually twittering, facebooking, texting or obsessively gaming, then you should definitely plan on coming. If you’re writing a super cool iPhone app, then you should come. If you are obsessed with all the digital aspects of music, film and art, then you should plan on breaking it down at Geekend.

Does the future of social media appeal to you? Does the direction of design, online and offline, grab your attention? Are you a creative who is just as adept at building your castles in the digital sandbox as you are at the beach? Then perfect, sign up now, because Geekend is for you.

Why is Geekend in Savannah, GA?  Because Savannah is Awesome!

The city is one of the most incredibly beautiful, cool, historic and fun places to live or visit. That’s because Savannah is a magnet for cool creative types who’ve come here for business, school, the weather, the vibe, the beach, the architecture, the Spanish moss, the friendly locals, great food and energetic nightlife (and the fact that you can legally walk down the street with a cold adult beverage in a to-go cup that we like to call a “traveler”). Oh yeah, we’re also the most haunted city in America, but we get along well with our ghosts. Be aware though, that once you come to Savannah and it casts its spell on you, you’ll probably want to stay.”

What else is there to say?  They’ve said it all – make your reservations early and with us!